Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Iranian daily questions efficiency of electoral system in Iran

The electoral system in Iran is neither similar to the parliamentary democracy in other countries, nor can it lead to the emergence of the most deserved or popular candidates, an Iranian daily argues.

A day after the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections were held in Iran, Etela’at wrote in an article on Saturday, “For decades, all sympathizers and experts have been talking about the necessity to change the election mechanism, which does not contribute to electing the best candidates, nor is it comparable to other parliamentary democracies.”

The daily also called on the lawmakers in the new parliament to show gratitude to those who voted for them as well as to the establishment and the country by “serving the people without making them feel beholden.”

People across Iran voted on Friday to choose the new members from among over 15,000 candidates for the 290-seat parliament for four years.

This is while, according to surveys there has been a widespread dissatisfaction with the outgoing parliament for its failure to cater to the people’s needs in their ratifications, given the increase in inflation over the recent years.

“We hope that the incoming parliament will leave a better and clearer record than the current parliament to draw a principled and correct road map to overcome the difficult crises the country and the nation are facing,” Etela’at wrote.

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