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Bee Breeding in Lorestan, western Iran

Honey is a sweet and expensive liquid that bees and some other insects produce.

Iran reports 37% surge in domestic wheat purchases

Iran reported a major surge in domestic wheat purchases with an official in the country’s agriculture ministry (MAJ) stating the purchases have risen by 37% in the harvest period between April and early August compared to the same period last year.

FAO names Iran as largest dairy exporter in Asia

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in a report on the situation of Iran’s agricultural productions announced that Iran has became the largest exporter of dairy products in Asia.

Activist: Iran risks losing position in global pistachio market to US

An economic activist warns that the challenges facing Iran’s pistachio production could lead to make the country lose its position on the global market to the United States and other rivals.

Rice paddies thirsty for water

A local official with the water department in Iran’s Gilan Province says the water level in Sefidrood Dam has lessened by 21 percent compared to last year and by 50 percent compared to normal times.

Canola fields turn gold as key oil plants flower in Arak, central Iran

One month into spring in Iran, the canola fields in the central city of Arak are shining bright.

FAO names Iran world’s third largest honey producer in 2022

Latest data by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows that Iran was the third largest producer of honey in the world in 2022.

Iranian market reports dramatic drop in public demand for fruits amid inflation

A union representing sellers of fruits and vegetables in the Iranian capital, Tehran, reports a drop of between 50 to 60 percent in the public demand for fruits in markets due to the people’s declining purchasing power as the country’s economy grapples with inflation.

FAO predicts 13.5% rise in Iran’s production of cereals in 2022

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has predicted a 13.5-percent rise in Iran’s production of cereals in 2022, which is expected to reach 20.3 million tons.

Sugarcane: Red gold growing in northern Iran

Sugarcane is part of the agricultural produce in northern Iranian Mazandaran Province.

Iranian official denies claim Turkmenistan returned potatoes

Iran’s Agriculture Ministry denies a report that potato shipments from the Islamic Republic have been returned by Turkmenistan.

Citrus Fruits Harvest Season Begins in North Iran

Farmers have begun harvesting citrus fruits from orchards in northern Iranian Mazandaran Province.

Pomegranate harvest from Abarkooh gardens in Yazd

Pomegranate is a garden product that is very compatible with the saline soil and desert climate of Yazd and each year more than one hundred thousand tons of pomegranates are harvested from gardens in this central province.

Pomegranate harvest starts in Middle East’s only reservoir of sour pomegranate

The harvest of wild pomegranate in Miankaleh Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Iran has started on October 12 and will continue for two weeks.

Tangerine Harvest Season Begins in Mazandaran

Orchard owners in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran have begun gathering their tangerine harvest.

Grapes Harvest and Raisin Production in Kordestan Vineyards

With the beginning of the harvest season in the month of Shahrivar (Aug 23 to Sep 22), production of raisins, using the traditional “Boulav” method, also begins.

A Unique Tourist Attraction in Iran: Cow Works Only When Owner Sings!

Haaj Ebrahim’s cow moves only when it hears him singing, which has turned into a tourist attraction in the town of Varzaneh in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

Iran Opens 142,000 Projects Creating 263,000 Jobs for Nomads, Villagers

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated 142,000 employment plans for nomads and villagers with a price tag of 17 trillion tomans.

Iran Inaugurates over 950 Hectares of Greenhouses in One Day

Iran has inaugurated more than 950 hectares of greenhouses in one day, equal to an eighth of the total land dedicated to greenhouses in the country so far.

Iran Inaugurates Three Agricultural Megaprojects

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani has inaugurated three megaprojects carried out by the Agriculture Ministry.

Iran Almost Self-Sufficient in Seed Production: Agriculture Minister

Minister of Agriculture Kazem Khavazi says Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in producing nearly all varieties of seeds.

Iran Produces Fertilizer from Sewage Sludge

A group of Iranian researchers have managed to turn sewage mud into a material useful for agriculture.

Sultana Production; A 1,000-Year-Old Career in Iranian Village

For nearly a millennium, quality sultanas (golden raisins) have been produced in an Iranian village which are unique and well-known throughout the country.

Iran, Brazil to Sign 3 Agricultural Agreements

Officials from Iran and Brazil have made arrangements for a series of online meetings that would result in three cooperation agreements in agriculture.

Nefar; A Symbol of Vernacular Architecture in Northern Iran

Nefar or Nepar are small wooden structures built in the paddy fields of Mazandaran villages in northern Iran.

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