Thursday, January 27, 2022

Iran Says US Sanctions Exacerbated Coronavirus Crisis

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Iran’s Parliament Speaker has called for universal intervention to lift inhumane US sanctions against the Islamic Republic in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Ali Larijani referred to the cruel US sanctions, saying Washington’s approach is in sharp contrast to the UN Charter and the World Health Organisation statute. 

In his letter, a copy of which has been sent to heads of other unions and parliaments of various countries, Larijani stated that not only have Iran’s intensive efforts to help people been undermined, but the sanctions have negatively and undeniably hindered all national, regional and international efforts to contain the virus.

The letter reads as follows: 

As you know, the World Health Organisation has declared a state of emergency in some countries and regions of the world due to the increasing prevalence of the Coronavirus. Today, the world and humanity are witnessing an unprecedented international threat and growing concern about the number of countries affected by the virus and its victims. The virus crosses borders every day, threatening all parts of the world. Today’s international situation highlights, more than ever, the need for national, regional and international efforts and mobilisation of all the technical and logistical capabilities to assist countries infected with the virus. Therefore, the need for urgent, effective and comprehensive action to contain this virus is very crucial.

It is regrettable that, under these critical circumstances that the Islamic Republic of Iran is at the forefront of struggles to eradicate the virus with the aim of reducing the human suffering caused by the outbreak, it is systematically subjected to unilateral direct and indirect inhumane sanctions of the US.  This US approach, which is in sharp contrast to the UN Charter and the World Health Organisation Statute, has not only hampered Iran’s intensive efforts to help the affected population and to control the spread of the coronavirus, but also has negative and undeniable effects on all national, regional and international efforts to contain the virus.

At the same time, we are very pleased that some officials and international organisations have recently understood this sensitive international situation, and have called for the immediate lifting of all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including sanctions on medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment and other necessary medical stuff.

We believe that the Inter-Parliamentary Union, in accordance with its Statute, as an internationally recognised and effective body that reflects the true views and aspirations of the people and the representatives of the nations, can play a significant role in this regard to participate in the international containment process of this fatal disease. Accordingly, it is now expected that the Union, unambiguously and based on its principles, call for the immediate lifting of all direct and indirect sanctions against Iran, including the medical sanctions.

I am sure you will promote international efforts to overcome this serious challenge to human lives, and you will provide the necessary support to my country in its endless struggle against Corona.


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