Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Iran Able to Export Health Items Needed to Fight COVID-19

The Iranian president says the country is able to export some health items needed to fight the coronavirus.

Hassan Rouhani said Iran is now producing a whole range of equipment, including coronavirus diagnosis kits, antibodies, face masks and other supplies.

He said the products are enough to meet domestic needs, and added some of them are surplus to requirements and can be exported to other countries.

The president thanked efforts by different sectors for their contribution to the national campaign against the coronavirus outbreak.

He then made it clear that the pandemic is not over yet, urging people to keep abiding by health protocols.

“If we think we have finished the job in the fight against the coronavirus and now we are taking the final steps, we will definitely be harmed,” he said.

President Rouhani further noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a test for all countries to gauge their efficiency and preparedness.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he took a swipe at “a small group” of people who seek to provoke anxiety among people over the coronavirus outbreak by spreading untrue words on social media and elsewhere.

He also dismissed some profiteers who have tried to cash in on the pandemic for their own gain.

“These people once took advantage of sanctions [for their own benefit] and now are taking advantage of the coronavirus,” he said.

The president urged people to keep abiding by social distancing measures and health protocols amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

He also underlined that the country’s medical personnel have become more experienced in fighting the disease.

He said the success in the fight against the coronavirus is not only because of the government’s efforts; rather, is has been due to people’s attempts.

He referred to the gradual reopening of some businesses, and added precautionary measures need to remain in place until “we get through this.’

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