Monday, February 6, 2023

Gwadar Bay; Unique Attraction on Iran-Pakistan Border

Gwadar Bay with its wild and attractive nature is located in the southernmost region of Iran near the country’s only ocean port Chabahar.

Gwadar Bay is one of the most beautiful regions of Iran’s southeast and attracts every tourist interested in the wildlife.

The unique dance of dolphins among the ocean’s waves creates eye-catching scenic views with lasting memories for the tourists and those interested in the wild nature of the seas.

Trade in Gwadar dates back to a very long time ago. In the past, tradesmen passed through the bay to go to India and Africa. Gwadar used to be among the main hubs for shrimp farming and exporting. Today the business has slowed down but it is still alive in the region.

Gwadar village near the bay has a population of 160,000, most of whom living on fishing and mat weaving.

In autumn, Gwadar houses a large number of migrant birds from about 40 various species. They arrive in the bay in various 100-member groups.

In addition to its wildlife, Gwadar enjoys a more attractive part: Avicenna Marina Forests. Upon arriving in Gwadar, some boats are waiting to take you to the forests to closely see the dolphins dancing between the waves.

The Martian or Miniature mountains are among the unique tourist attractions of Chabahar stretching from Kacho to Gwadar along the sea. The mountains are not beautiful for the snowy peaks or green nature but because of their special shapes and figures. They resemble the mountains on the Mars or the Moon. The sediment of the mountains as well as their erosion over time have led to creation of specific beautiful grooves.

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