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Middle East

Iran envoy: US troops should withdraw from Syria

Iran’s ambassador to Syria has called for the withdrawal of the US military forces from the war-torn country. Syria has repeatedly condemned the US military presence in the country, describing such a deployment as an act of aggression since it does not have any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate.

Former Iraqi PM reveals new details about Gen. Solaimani assassination

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has revealed new details about the day top Iranian commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani was assassinated in a US drone strike on January 3 2020.

Israel army pounds besieged Gaza Strip

The Israeli army has taken the besieged Gaza Strip under air raids and artillery fire in response to what it calls a rocket fire from the blockaded Palestinian enclave.

Brits outraged over Blair knighthood, citing Iraq war crimes

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has recently received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. But, the move has sparked outrage from Britons who argue he should be in prison for his involvement in the Iraq War instead.

US military bases in Syria under rocket attacks

Several Katyusha rockets have separately hit military facilities housing US troops in Syria’s oil-producing provinces of Dayr al-Zawr and Hasakah on Friday.

Iraqis burn US embassy model marking Gen. Soleimani assassination

On the second anniversary of the US assassination of anti-terror icon, Qassem Soleimani, and an Iraqi commander, protesters burned US and Israeli flags before setting fire to a replica of American embassy in Baghdad on Friday.

Report: Khashoggi assassins living in luxury villas in Riyadh

At least three members of a Saudi hit squad convicted by the kingdom of murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi are living and working “in seven-star accommodation” inside a government-run security compound in Riyadh, according to a source connected to senior members of Saudi intelligence.

Palestinian youth killed by Israeli forces in WB

A Palestinian young man was shot dead on Friday morning by Israeli troops at Hares junction in the occupied West Bank province of Salfit.

Former Qatar PM warns against anti-Iran sabotage

Qatar’s former prime minister Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani has warned against any act of mischief and sabotage against Iran, saying any such move will directly affect regional countries

New Iraqi parliament to convene early next year

Iraq's new parliament will convene on January 9, according to a decree issued on Thursday by President Barham Salih.

Report: Israeli, Saudi FMs hold virtual meeting

A virtual summit hosted by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was held last week to discuss the omicron variant. Reports say Israeli and Saudi foreign ministers were among those taking part in the event.

Iran slams Israel’s move to hold cabinet session in Golan

Iran strongly condemns the Zionist regime’s move to hold its cabinet meeting in Syria’s occupied Golan Heights.

Iraq PM announces end of foreign troops combat mission

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, has announced the complete withdrawal of the foreign combat forces from the war-hit country.

3 farmers wounded in Israeli attack on Gaza

Israeli forces opened artillery fire on two locations in the north of the Gaza Strip, injuring three people.

Palestinian president meets Israeli minister

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Israeli minister of military affairs on Tuesday during a rare trip for what Benny Gantz's department announced were talks on security and civil matters.

UN envoy: Civilians killed in air raids on Sana’a

Saudi coalition air raids on Sana’a have resulted in loss of civilian lives, and damaged civilian infrastructure and residential area, the special envoy of the United Nations secretary general for Yemen has confirmed.

UN flights into Yemen capital resumes following air attacks

Yemen's Houthi forces have allowed the temporary resumption of UN flights into the capital Sanaa airport, a week after a halt due to Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

Iraq Hezbollah: US, UN interfered in elections

Iraq’s Hezbollah Brigades say what happened in the country’s parliamentary elections was the largest false-flag operation in the history of the country.

Syria says Israel attack caused ‘significant material damage’

An Israeli airstrike hit the Syrian port of Latakia on Tuesday, the second such attack in December, according to Syrian state media. The assault has caused extensive material damage, and fires erupted in the port's container storage area.

Iraq top court ratifies parliamentary election results

Iraq’s Supreme Court has ratified October’s parliamentary election results, rejecting complaints by some factions over ‘irregularities’ during the vote.

Military expert: Israel not capable of intercepting all Iran missiles

A Russian military expert says Israel’s missile defenses potentially can intercept some of the Iranian missiles but not all of them, particularly when it comes to the most advanced and precise items.

Lebanon to hold parliamentary vote in mid-May

Parliamentary elections in Lebanon will be held on 15 May, while nationals living abroad will be able to cast their votes on 6 or 8 May, Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said on Monday.

Russia: US realizes pressure on Syria not working

The United States has realized that the policy of rising pressure on Syria is not working, rather the situation in the war-ravaged country can be stabilized by providing humanitarian assistance, a Kremlin envoy told TASS.

Source: Saudi claims over Hezbollah role in Yemen war lie

A senior Yemeni source has refuted Saudi claims that fighters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement are supporting the Yemeni forces in their fight against the Riyadh-led coalition.

Iraq resistance group warns of response if U.S. keeps forces in country

The secretary general of Iraq’s Asa’ib Ahl –al-Haq resistance group has reportedly warned of a response by the group if US keeps its military presence in Iraq.

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