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Int'l Relations

Where does opposition to Fabius’ Tehran visit stem from?

The policy of self-imposed isolation should come to an end, because in today’s world such a policy is doomed to failure, said Ghorban Oghli.

Terror fight must respect sovereignty of nations: Iran

Undoubtedly any act that would undermine the national sovereignty of countries can, in fact, embolden terrorist groups in committing bestial crimes, said Afkham.

UK eases travel advisory for Brits traveling to Iran

Risk to British nationals has changed, in part due to decreasing hostility under President Rouhani’s government, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer to visit Iran: Austrian media

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz as well as Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner will accompany Fisher in his trip to Tehran.

Time ripe for Iran, France to bolster cooperation: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says time is ripe for Tehran and Paris to bolster their cooperation in different fields especially in the area of fighting terrorism in the region.

Iran, Europe finalize $2 billion of projects

Iran and the EU have opened a conference on trade and investment in Vienna, with Iranian officials pledging to splash out more than $180 billion on oil and gas projects.

Why did Professor Samii accompany German vice-chancellor?

Professor Majid Samii has said that the stage has been set for Iran and Germany to work together, and that Iran has the capacity to make scientific and economic progress.

Canada losing ‘traditional partners’ over JCPOA stance

Iran's foreign ministry spokeswoman has said that Ottawa’s adherence to the Israeli regime’s stance towards Iran has led to the isolation of Canada within the international community and even among its closest traditional partners.

West realized anti-Iran sanctions had to go: Nahavandian

President Rouhani's Chief of Staff has welcomed expansion of economic and banking ties with Switzerland, saying that Swiss banks can play a positive role in Iran’s bank transactions and economic activities.

Saudi Arabia reaches out to Chechnya (PHOTOS)

Saudi willingness to get close to Ramzan Kadyrov shows that Riyadh plans to maintain a high-profile in the region.

Stage is set for resumption of ties with the US: Iranian MP

When the Iranians staged a revolution they had no plans to cut ties with the United States, and this estrangement is not expected to last forever, the principlist deputy said.

Support for terrorists causing tragedy, instability in region: Iran

In a meeting with Staffan de Mistura, Zarif reaffirmed Iran's position on the need for a political settlement of the crisis in Syria.

Iran instrumental in fight against terrorism in Mideast: FM

European countries are keen to strengthen cooperation with Iran, particularly in the economic area, said Zarif in a meeting with Yves Rossier.

Iranian minister urges Tehran-Ankara cooperation in counterterrorism

Iran-Turkey relations have a significant role in establishing regional security and development, said Rahmani Fazli in a meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Tehran.

Iran condemns terrorist attack in Turkey

This criminal terrorist act once again showed that perpetrators of such crimes are not committed to any principle and will spare no effort to achieve their inhumane objectives, said Afkham.

Iranian envoy blasts US ambassador to UN for anti-Iran remarks

The US that invaded two countries in the region and created favorable grounds for the growth of terrorism is not well placed to raise accusations against Iran, Khoshroo said.

Iran-Germany ties connect Mideast, Europe: Rouhani

President Rouhani expressed hope that the German delegation plays a positive role in the expansion of Iran’s ties with Europe.

Germany seeks ‘stable’ economic ties with Iran

German companies are ready to transfer technology and technical know-how to Iran as part of efforts to re-engage with Iran on economic matters, said Sigmar Gabriel.

German vice-chancellor in Tehran heading big trade team

This is the first high-ranking European delegation visiting Tehran in the wake of the nuclear agreement with P5+1, said Hossein Esmaeili.

Iran offers India $8 billion of projects

Iran has offered India $8 billion worth of infrastructure projects, including a stake in developing the strategic port of Chabahar, the country’s ambassador to New Delhi has said.

Non-physical confrontation with arrogant powers in line with int’l law

On the international stage, sometimes we have interaction with others even if we have nothing in common as far as culture and ideology are concerned, Mohammad Taghi Rahbar said.

Iran has no plan to offer discounts on gas exports to Turkey

The NIGC chief has said that the result of The Hague arbitration will be out later this year and Turkey’s gas complaint will not affect Iran’s natural gas exports to Turkey.

Iranian minister urges enhanced cultural ties with Algeria

The cultural capacities of the two countries should always be tapped for the expansion of cooperation, said Ali Jannati.

A look at how reliable Russians are in nuclear talks

Russia views Iran as a main market for its arms sales and for the very reason, it pays special attention to the lifting of the arms embargo against Iran, said Amir Ahmadian.

Leader says US ‘absolute embodiment’ of arrogance

The Leader has emphasized that Iran’s refusal to accept an arrogant system is “the main reason” behind world bullying powers’ hostility toward the Iranian nation.

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