Saturday, June 25, 2022


‘5 million Iranians expected to visit Iraq for 2022 Arba’een pilgrimage’

With Covid-related restrictions eased worldwide, up to five million Iranian pilgrims are expected to visit Iraq later this year to join the massive march of Arba’een, which marks the 40th day after the anniversary of the third Shia Imam’s martyrdom, an official says.

No red cities in Iran as Covid cases remain low

Most cities in Iran are marked blue in terms of risk from Covid-19, which denotes the situation there is normal. Iranian health ministry figures show that  342 cities are blue.

Iran Covid: 1 killed, 156 new infections

Covid-19 has killed only one person in Iran over the past 24 hours. That’s according to the latest figures released by the Iranian health ministry on Friday.

Telecommunications tower project in Iran shelved to save birds’ nest

In an inspirational move, technical experts at a telecommunications company in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad who were about to launch a project, decided to call it off after they realized that a bird and four of its hatchlings were living atop the radio mast that was part of the project.

Iran knowledge-based company makes portable ventilator, sidesteps sanctions

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced a portable ventilator machine which does away with the need to import foreign brands at exorbitant prices.

Iranian president orders local company to produce passenger planes

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has on Iran’s Aircraft Manufacturing Industries, HESA, to produce passenger planes.

Iran Covid: Daily death toll remains single-digit

Covid-19 still claims lives in Iran though the daily death toll from disease is single-digit.

Iran Judiciary blames builders’ negligence for Metrolpol Building collapse

Iran’s General Prosecutor says the negligence of the builders of Metropol Building in the country’s south is mainly to blame for the deadly collapse of the edifice.

Official: Iran has 135,000 cancer patients

The head of the Iranian health ministry’s department for the prevention of cancer says there are 135,000 confirmed cases of cancer in the country.

Covid kills 4 in Iran, 179 new cases identified

Four people in Iran died of Covid-19 infection during the past 24 hours and 179 new cases were registered, the Iranian Health Ministry said in its daily update on Wednesday.

Iran says plans test-launches of satellite carrier for research purposes

Iran says it plans to conduct two test-launches of the Zoljanah satellite carrier, which was designed and developed by experts at home, for research purposes, as the country speeds up efforts to promote its space industry.

Child dies as vandals damage ambulance in Tehran

A two-year-old girl has reportedly died of a heart attack after unknown assailants on a congested street in the Iranian capital damaged the ambulance of paramedics who were racing against time to save the child’s life.

Iranian public urged to save water amid acute scarcity

Iranian officials have been raising awareness among the public over acute water shortages gripping the capital, Tehran, and the broader country, urging people to adopt conservation methods to protect the country’s scarce water resources.

8 die at birthday party blast near Tehran

Eight people lost their lives in an explosion at a birthday party in the suburbs of the Iranian capital Tehran on Tuesday evening.

Iran: Negligence by truck driver blamed for gas leak in Fars Province incident

The director general of the Crisis Control Department in Iran’s Fars Province has blamed Negligence by a truck driver for the gas leak that injured dozens of people in a factory in the province.

Scores injured after inhaling toxic gases released in blast in southern Iran

An explosion has released toxic gases at a sodium carbonate factory in southetn Iran, poisoning 112 people. The incident happened in Fars Province.

Saudi Arabia refuses to accept pilgrims inoculated with Iranian Covid vaccines

Saudi Arabia is sticking to its guns about the rejection of Hajj pilgrims from Iran who got inoculated with Iranian-made Covid vaccines.

Official: 18,000 Iranians die each year in car accidents

The head of Iran’s Emergency Organization has said nearly 18,000 people die in car accidents in the country each year.

Covid kills only 2 people in Iran in 24 hours

Iran has registered another single-digit daily death toll. On Monday, Iranian Health Ministry figures showed that 2 people had died from the virus over the past 24 hours.

Report: Brain Drain from Iran has expanded to include school-aged students

Reports say the rate of migration of the elite in Iran has expanded to cover even talents in their school years. That’s what a report by Resalat Daily, affiliated with Iran’s ruling principalists, says about the problem of brain drain in Iran.

Iran president orders facilitating export of science-based firms’ products

President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that regional and other overseas countries are eager to use products of Iran's science-based companies, calling on concerned officials to arrange for the export of these items.

Venezuela 1st lady meets Iran’s VP for women affairs, activists

First Lady of Venezuela Cilia Flores along with Iran’s Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Ensieh Khazali held a meeting with a number of female social and political activists in Tehran.

Congo fever cases rise to 18 in Iran

The Iranian health ministry has warned of an increase in the number of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever cases in the country compared to the previous year.

Iranian pilgrims start travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj

The first group of Iranian Hajj pilgrims has headed to Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic rituals.

Iran museum invention wins international innovation standard award

A museum invention by an Iranian group has won the country a type B Innovation Standard certificate of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations.

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