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Iran Holds Exhibition of Quake-Hit Children’s Paintings

An exhibition of paintings by earthquake-hit children of Iran’s Kermanshah is being held in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province.  

5.2-Magnitude Quake Jolts Tehran Province

People in Tehran and Alborz provinces have taken to streets after a magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit Malard, a few kilometres from the Iranian capital.

43 Iranian Pilgrims Wounded by Fire in Iraqi Hotel

A blaze that broke out inside a hotel in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf has so far wounded dozens of people, including 43 Iranian pilgrims.

Iran’s Kermanshah Once Again Hit by Strong Quake

A magnitude-6 earthquake has once again struck an area near the Iran-Iraq border in the Iranian province of Kermanshah one month after another massive quake killed over 600 people at the same place.

Iran Mourns Deaths of 9 Hikers Killed in Avalanche

An avalanche in western Iran has fatally buried nine professional mountain climbers who were returning from a peak they had conquered.

Sunni Cleric Praises Army Services after Iran Earthquake

Mawlawi Mohammad Mohammadi, the Friday Prayers leader of Kermanshah, has appreciated the services provided by Iranian army forces in the earthquake-struck regions of the province.

Real Madrid Ex-Captain Raises Funds for Iran Quake-Hit People

Michel Salgado, the former captain of Real Madrid football team, has donated one of his signed shirts to raise funds for the quake-hit Iranians in the western province of Kermanshah.

IRGC Providing Shelter for All Quake-Hit People

A commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says the IRGC forces are building and transferring temporary shelters for the quake-hit people in the western province of Kermanshah.

Quake-Hit People Make Army Officers Burst into Tears (Video)

The Iranian armed forces have been engaged in relief and rescue operations in the quake-hit areas in Western Iran since a few hours after the deadly incident, and have seen shocking and heartbreaking scenes since two weeks ago.

UN Envoy “Very Impressed” by Post-Quake Performance of Iran Army, Red Crescent

Gary Lewis, the UN Resident Coordinator in Iran, has hailed the "quite impressive" effectiveness and organization of the Iranian Army and Red Crescent during the relief and rescue operations following the recent deadly earthquake.

Legendary Singer Holds Benefit Concert for Iran Quake-Hit People

Legendary Iranian vocalist, Shahram Nazeri, and the Kamkars, Iran’s leading Kurdish family music ensemble, joined together in a concert to raise funds for the victims of the deadly earthquake which shattered their homeland Kermanshah in western Iran.

1000 Orthopedic Surgeries Done in Iran’s Quake-Hit Regions

Head of Iran’s Orthopedic Surgeons Association, Mohammad Razi, says about one thousand orthopedic surgeries have been conducted in the quake-hit province of Kermanshah over the past week.

Angels Living in Earthquake Ruins

Over one week after the deadly earthquake in Iran which shattered the western province of Kermanshah, new photos from the quake-hit regions depict some tragic scenes on the plight of children who are struggling with homelessness.

Iran Leader Pays Visit to Quake-Hit Areas

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, is visiting the quake-hit areas in western Iran, expressing sympathy with the victims’ families.

No Shortage of Food, Basic Necessities for Iran Quake Victims

Officials say there is no shortage of food and basic necessities for the victims of the earthquake which jolted western Iran days ago.

Iranian Athletes Auction Medals to Raise Money for Quake Victims

Several renowned Iranian sportspeople have auctioned off their Olympics and world medals to give the proceeds to quake victims in west of the country.

Iranian Doctors Sew Back Quick-Hit Kid’s Severed Hand

In a rare surgery conducted in the quake-hit areas in western Iran, a number of Iranian scientists successfully reattached the right hand of a seven-year-old boy whose hand had been cut off from wrist.

Iran Earthquake: Baby Taken Out of Rubble Alive after 3 Days

A little baby was taken out of the rubble alive almost 48 hours after a strong quake devastated several cities and villages of Iran's Kermanshah province on Sunday night, leaving at least 435 people dead and over 9,000 wounded.

Iran Earthquake ‘Divine Trial’ for Statesmen: Leader

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has described the recent deadly earthquake in the country’s western areas as a test for Iranian authorities to perform their duties.

“Schools Destroyed in Iran Earthquake to Be Reconstructed Soon”

Iran’s education minister says a special budget will be allocated for the immediate reconstruction of at least 22 schools which were totally destroyed in quake-stricken areas in western Iran.

Iranian Army, IRGC Working Together to Rescue Quake-Hit People

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said his forces are working in close cooperation with the Army to help victims of a massive earthquake in western Iran that has killed nearly 400 people.

Two Babies Born in Makeshift Hospital amid Iran Earthquake

Two babies have been born and a brain surgery performed in the Iranian Army’s makeshift hospitals in Kermanshah province since Sunday night when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the country’s western areas.

Iran President Visits Quake-Hit Areas, Promises Help in Reconstruction

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday morning arrived in Kermanshah Province to visit the areas struck by the Sunday night's deadly earthquake, which has so far killed 430 people and wounded over 7,000.

US Condoles with Iran over Deadly Earthquake

The US Department of State has offered its condolences to the Iranian and Iraqi people affected by the tragic earthquake that has so far killed 430 and wounded 7370 people.

Iran Declares One Day of Mourning after Quake Tragedy

Iranian government has announced Tuesday a day of public mourning following the deadly quake in the western provinces of the country.

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