Iran Travel & Tourism News – Tourism is one of the fields that can help Iran get rid of an oil-dependent economy, and boost its non-oil revenues by encouraging foreign tourists to visit its diverse historical and natural attractions. The “Tourism” section in IFP News tries to offer a true image of the country’s beauties and tourism industry, and the opportunities for foreign investment in the field.

Iran to Make Medical Services More Affordable for Afghans

Iran to Make Medical Services More Affordable for Afghans

Iran says it plans to make health and treatment services more affordable for Afghan migrants, as there is a great potential for attracting Afghan health tourists.

New Historical Sites Identified Near Pasargadae

Pasargadae is the first dynastic capital of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty, located northeast of Persepolis in southern Iran.
Happy Snowmen Festival 9

Tehran Hosts Happy Snowmen Festival as Summer Arrives

The first festival of happy snowmen was held a few days ago in Tochal complex, in the heights of northern Tehran.
Iran's Nature in Photos: Plain of Chamomiles

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Plain of Chamomiles

Chamomile flowers grow every year from early May to late June in Fandoqloo forest of Namin, northwestern Iran.
Fin Garden in Iran's Kashan

Iran Architecture in Photos: Fin Garden in Kashan

Located in central Iran, Fin Garden is well-known not only for its beautiful architecture, but also an important historical event.
Flower Garden of Isfahan

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Flower Garden of Isfahan

The flower garden of Isfahan can be a new experience for the tourists who mainly come to see the historical attractions of the city.

Iran Unveils Its First Capsule Hotel

The Iranian tourism department has unveiled a first capsule hotel in the country as authorities seek to expand tourism amenities for budget-conscious travelers.
Full-Glass Suspension Bridge 4

Full-Glass Suspension Bridge Opened to Visitors in NW Iran

A full-glass suspension bridge has become operational in northwestern Iran.
Iran Says Local Tourism Industry Booming after Restrictions Ease

Iran Says Local Tourism Industry Booming after Restrictions Ease

Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts says tourism industry is thriving again in the country now that the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
Meshkinfam Museum in Shiraz

Meshkinfam Museum; A Gem of Visual Arts in Shiraz

Meshkinfam Art Museum, a residence-turned-museum in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz, has gained fame as a treasure trove of visual arts attracting visitors.