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Iran tourism: Beautiful beach of Pozm Bay in Sistan and Baluchestan

One of the beautiful beaches in the south of Iran is Pozm Bay. This is located on the shores of the Sea of Oman and the city Konarak, in southeastern Iran.

Pozm Bay is potentially a tourism and entertainment resort and also an economic hub.
Tourists and travelers can enjoy Pozm’s amazing and pristine nature alongside unique and attractive birds in different seasons.

Pozm Bay is 60 kilometers from Chabahar and 17 kilometers from Konarak (see Pozm on the map).

Tourist attractions of Pozm Bay

An important attraction of the area is the lovely sunset on its rocky and sandy beach. In addition to the sunset, Pozm’s mild climate makes it a perfect place to enjoy watching birds (swallows, cockatoos, flamingos, egrets, terns, pelicans, bustards and sea eagle).

The blue and coastal caves of Pozm are among the unique sightseeing places of the bay that have morphed into stone figures as a result of being eroded by sea waves.

Staying in Pozm

The best choice for residing is the city of Chabahar. Chabahr is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran and it has hotels, various ecotourism lodges and local houses.


Where is Pozm Bay?

  • It’s on the margins of the Sea of Oman and in the city of Konarak.

What’s the other name of Pozm Bay?

  • Tiab Bay, Pozm Fishing Port and Pozm Tiab.

What are the sightseeing places of Pozm?

  • Beautiful rocky beaches, its fishing and stone pier, its coastal cave, the sandy beach or Shokin, the ocean eye, a mountain, its sunset and crabs.

Which are the best seasons for traveling to Pozm Bay?

  • The best time for visiting Pozm Bay is from late October to early April.


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