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Iran tourism: Haft Ghar in Iran’s Neyshabur, a beauty on earth

Haft Ghar valley is located in the Ghar village, on the outskirts of Neyshabur city in Iran’s Khorassan Razavi Province and has seven valleys or seven gorges. Haft Ghar (Seven Caves) is one of the tourist attractions of Neyshabur city and is located north of the city.

In the north of Neyshabur, there is a beautiful valley known as Haft Ghar for many years. You might think it is named Haft Ghar because there are seven caves in it, but actually there are seven gorges there, which have gradually become known as Haft Ghar among the people.

The green trees and the river that snakes through them, along with the red landscapes, have all created a unique view where your eyes can feast on it.

If you pass through the seven gorges, you will see springs and rivers, and red mountains that have deep and beautiful cracks.

After you traverse the valley, at an altitude of 1900 meters, you will reach an open area and the main source of the Ghar River, which is surrounded by walnut trees.

Many people, mostly hiking teams, go to Haft Ghar especially on holidays and enjoy the scenery and nature.

Iran tourism: Haft Ghar in Iran’s Neyshabur, a beauty on earth

Neyshabur tourist attractions

In addition to its beautiful nature, Neyshabur has many historical and cultural attractions.

Two of the most important tourist spots, which are culturally and historically important, are the tombs of Iranian polymath Omar Khayyam and poet Attar Neyshaburi.

The tomb of Kamal al-Molk, an Iranian master painter, is also located in the vicinity of Attar’s dome-shaped tomb.

One of the other attractions of Neyshabur is the wooden village. All the structures of the village are made of wood and have an attractive contrast with the stone and cement buildings of the city, which is one of the strong points of the village.

One of the most important attractions of Neyshabur is the turquoise mines. There are many turquoise mines around Neyshabur. This is why many kinds of handicrafts made with turquoise have become the most important souvenirs of Neyshabur.


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