Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iran’s Yazd crowned tourism capital of Asian Dialogue Forum in 2024

In a momentous decision, the central Iranian city of Yazd, steeped in historical significance and cultural richness, has been honored as the tourism capital among the member countries of the Asian Dialogue Forum (ACD).

This announcement, marking Yazd as the focal point for international discussions and collaborations within the ACD, comes as a testament to the city’s profound heritage and allure.

Iran, presiding over the ACD since October 2023, saw Yazd emerge victorious among the contenders—Kerman and Mashhad—solidifying its status as a beacon of cultural exchange and cooperation.

With 35 member nations, the ACD stands as an eminent platform fostering economic, social, and cultural growth since its establishment in 2002.

Yazd’s historical eminence, underscored by its UNESCO World Heritage status as the world’s foremost adobe city, further embellishes its newfound role. Renowned for its architectural marvels, Yazd encapsulates a tapestry of historical monuments, resonating as the land of winds, among other enchanting titles.

This prestigious recognition catapults Yazd into the global spotlight, celebrating its legacy as a custodian of ancient traditions and a bridge to foster dialogue and collaboration among nations.

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