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Report: 3.3 percent of Iranians migrated in a single year

The Iranian principlist newspaper Javan has said some 2.8 million Iranians migrated to foreign countries in the past year. The figure accounts for 3.3 percent of the total population.

Two cheetah cubs born in Iran’s Turan National Park

In a rare phenomenon, two cheetah cubs were born at Iran’s Khar Turan National Park in the second half of autumn, while cheetahs in the protected reserve normally give birth in early spring, an environmental official says.

Security body: 200 people killed in riots across Iran

A security body run by the Iranian Interior Ministry says 200 people have lost their lives in the recent wave of protests and riots that have gripped several cities in the country over the past two months.

Iran, Russia deputy FMs discuss nuclear deal, other topics

Deputy foreign ministers of Iran and Russia have held a meeting to exchange views on a range of topics, including the prospects of a revival of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Iran tourism: An ever-burning mountain in southwestern Khuzestan Province

Southwestern Iran is home to a small hillside that has been burning non-stop for years, creating a mesmerizing sight at night.

AEOI chief: Iran moving fast to develop nuclear power plants

Iran’s nuclear chief says the country is moving toward the production of inexpensive fuel and energy and has thus placed the development of nuclear power plants high on its agenda.

Iran FM to UN chief: NATO expansion behind Ukraine war

The Iranian foreign minister has told UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that that the root-cause of the conflict in Ukraine lies in NATO’s "flawed policy" of eastward expansion.

Leopard spotted near Tehran’s Sorkheh Hesar National Park

A leopard has been spotted several times in the barracks adjacent to Tehran's Sorkheh Hesar National Park, east of the Iranian capital.

Judicial official: No kids sentenced to death over Iran protests

The general and revolutionary prosecutor of Iran's Sistan and Balouchestan Province denies reports that two children have been sentenced to death for participation in the recent protests and deadly riots in the province.

Oil ministers of Iran, Venezuela discuss closer energy cooperation

The oil ministers of Iran and Venezuela hold talks on ways to further expand bilateral energy cooperation, despite the tough American sanctions against both oil-producing nations.

MP: Iran’s fact-finding mission on protests won’t help unless it’s all-inclusive

An Iranian lawmaker says the formation of a fact-finding mission by the Interior Ministry over the recent wave of unrest in the country cannot be helpful unless the body is all-inclusive and hears the demands of the protesters.

Epidemiologist: Iran may witness rise in Covid-19, flu cases in winter

An epidemiologist warns that the number of patients with Covid-19 and influenza may see a rise in winter in Iran.

Informed source rejects “secret bulletins” attributed to IRGC as “fake”

An informed source in Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has rejected a claim that the commander of the IRGC gets reporters or the media to produce bulletins for him.

Iran arrests plotters of botched bombing in Shiraz

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says it has arrested all people involved in a botched bombing plot in the southern city of Shiraz.

New footage showing Iranian cheetah cub in good shape

A video of Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz shows he has grown well and seems to be healthy and agile.

Raisi: All elements behind insecurity, murders during Iran riots to face justice

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi pledges that all those behind insecurity and the murder of ordinary people and security forces during recent riots in the country will be identified and brought to justice.

Some foreign firms refusing to sell Iran drugs due to US sanctions: Official

The head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration says some foreign companies refuse to sell Tehran the required medicines under the pretext of the sanctions imposed on the country by the US.

Analyst: Iran’s patience toward Aliyev’s lowly statements has a limit

A political analyst says anti-Iran "hostile statements" by Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev stem from Turkish-US-Israeli pressure aimed at dividing the two neighbors, warning that Tehran’s patience has a limit and it will punish Baku if the need arises.

UNESCO lists Iran’s Yalda Night as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

“Yalda Night,” also known as “Shab-e Chelleh,” observed both in Iran and Afghanistan, goes on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Iran’s Supreme Court upholds death sentences for Israel’s collaborators 

Iran’s Supreme Court has upheld death sentences for members of a gang over their collaboration with the Israeli spy agency, Mossad.

Political expert: Iran govt. should take resolutions seriously

An Iranian political expert says Iran’s diplomatic apparatus should take resolutions against Tehran seriously.

Interior minister: Security situation in Iran’s W border cities calm

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says the security situation in Iran’s western border cities is calm, following a wave of deadly riots and unrest there.

Statistics: Over 3 million lost jobs or left Iranian labor market in one year

Figures show more than three million people in Iran have either lost their employment or left the labor market in the country over the past year.

Prominent Iranian actress Katayoun Riahi released on bail

Prominent Iranian actress Katayoun Riahi has been released, more than a week after she was detained over supporting the unrest and violent riots against the Iranian government.

Iran says ready to help ease Turkey-Syria tension

Iran’s foreign minister says Tehran is ready to help alleviate border tensions between Turkey and Syria.

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