Friday, June 14, 2024

Animal-Lovers Feed Quadrupeds near Tehran Heights

A group of Tehran citizens have joined the rangers in Lavasanat mountain hills to provide fodder for such animals as wild goats, goats and ewes who cannot find enough food in the winter.

There are two villages namely “Kond Olya” and “Kond Sofla” located in Shemiranat County, Tehran Province. In the vicinity of these villages there exists a protected area called Varjin in which you can watch different species of mountain animals.

In the winter, with the decline of plants in the Lavasanat Mountains, there is not enough forage to feed animals such as wild goats, goats and ewes.

Under these conditions, fodder purchased by animal-lovers is distributed on the downhill slope of the mountains so that these animals come from highlands to the hillsides to eat food. Therefore, it provides the opportunity to watch these animals at a very close distance.

ISNA’s photos of these animals are as follows:

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