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The latest news and views about relations between Iran and the Israeli regime

“Iran Should React More Strongly to Netanyahu’s Threats”

Analysts believe Iran needs to show stronger reaction to the Israeli premier’s threats against the Islamic Republic.

Iran Says Working to Reduce Tension in Syria’s Ghouta

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi says the Islamic Republic is trying to ease tension in Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held Syrian area where a “critical humanitarian and socio-economic situation” is developing.

THAAD System to Fail When US Allies Hit by Hundreds of Missiles: Iran

A senior Iranian commander has referred to the failure of US-made missile defence systems in countering minor attacks on the US allies in the Middle East, saying they won’t help their owners when they are targeted by hundreds of missiles.

“US Must Tackle Internal Security Challenges Instead of Foreign Meddling”

A senior Iranian official says instead of meddling in other countries’ internal affairs, the US needs to tackle its own internal security challenges which are taking the lives of ordinary Americans.

Israeli Regime Not to Last Long: Iran’s General Soleimani

Israel’s horror, maniacal measures and vain attempts indicate that the Zionist regime is not going to last long, senior Iranian commander Major General Qassem Soleimani said Thursday.
Bahram Qassemi

World Must Stop Israel’s Destabilizing Moves: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has rejected the German government’s stance on Tehran’s role in escalation of tension with the Zionist regime, saying Tel Aviv is the one that must be blamed for destabilizing the Middle East.

Syria Teaches Israel a Lesson by Shooting Down Its Jet: Iran

Iran’s top security official Shamkhani says Syria’s shoot-down of the Israeli jet fighter in the Golan Heights made the Tel Aviv regime realize that the era of hit-and-run is over.

Iran Vehemently Rejects Israel’s Baseless Claims

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has categorically rejected the “baseless” claims raised by the Tel Aviv regime about the flight of an Iranian drone in Golan Heights and Tehran’s role in the shoot-down of an Israeli jet fighter.

Syria’s Air Defence Shoots Down at Least One Israeli Jet Fighter

The Syrian air defence on Saturday shot down an Israeli F-16 jet fighter in response to the Tel Aviv regime’s act of aggression against the Syrian territory.

Israel to Suffer Heavy Defeat in Case of Attack on Gaza: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qassemi slammed Israel’s threat of a new war on Gaza as part of a psychological warfare in harmony with Saudi Arabia, saying the Zionist regime will have to face a resounding defeat in case of a military action against Palestine.

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