US, West hindering agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue: Zarif

The Iranian top nuclear negotiator says the US is holding up a nuclear deal with Iran as a result of pressure by Israel.
Rouhani in Iran's majlis

Iran, P5+1 agree on principle issues: Rouhani

As for general questions, there is consensus between Iran and P5+1, yet details are yet to be agreed over.
French ex-Prime Minister and Zarif

Zarif: West’s excessive demands an obstacle to reach agreement

Iran top diplomat describes the West's excessive demands as a stumbling block to clinching a final nuclear deal.

US-Europe restrictions only lead to more nuclear progress in Iran: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister says the restrictions Western countries bring to bear will only help drive Iran's nuclear capability.
Sergei Ryabkov

Iran, P5+1 need non-stop talks for nuclear deal: Russia

A senior Russian diplomat says Iran and the six major world powers need “non-stop talks” to reach a final agreement on Tehran’s nuclear energy program before the November 24 deadline.

IAEA inspectors to arrive in Tehran; US Congress concerned about a nuclear deal with...

The US congressmen have raised concern about a possible nuclear deal with Iran as IAEA inspectors are to arrive in Iran shortly.
Iranian Artists and nuclear talks

Iranian artists set a Twitter campaign in motion, appealing for a nuclear deal

“No2nodeal” is the campaign by top movie directors, pleading for a nuclear deal saying, “There is no deal that is worse than no deal”.
Iran foreign ministry

Foreign Ministry praised Iranian filmmakers for their support for nuclear talks

The Internet campaign launched by six Iranian filmmakers to support the nuclear talks has been appreciated by Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

Iran proven readiness to build trust on nuclear program

The Expediency Council chairman says Iran has repeatedly showed its readiness to build confidence over its peaceful nuclear activities.
Hashemi Rafsanjani

Hardliners poisoned the atmosphere of talks

Ayatollah Rafsanjani says radicals on both sides sullied the atmosphere of the talks ahead of the most recent round of negotiations.

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