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Winter’s divine touch: Religious site in northern Tehran transformed by snowfall

Imamzadeh Saleh, nestled in Tehran's northern district of Shemiran, has transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland as snow blankets its surroundings.

Snowfall blankets Iranian cities, including Tehran in winter splendor, sparking joy amidst challenges

In the wake of a prolonged dry spell and a concerning drop in water reservoir levels nationwide, Tehran experienced a transformative event as thick layers of snow draped the city on Sunday.

Tehran hosts urban marathon

A sports event dubbed ‘Tehran City Marathon’ was held at the Azadi Sports Complex in the Iranian capital on Thursday.

3 killed in shooting incident near Tehran

A soldier in the Iranian city of Savojbolagh, near the capital Tehran, opened fire at a patrol guard in his military unit in the early hours of Saturday, killing him on the spot for unknown reasons, the police headquarters in Alborz Province reported. 

Massive fire erupts in plastic warehouse in southeast Tehran

A significant fire incident happened in a plastic warehouse in a southeastern neighborhood of Tehran.

Fire breaks out at Gandhi Hospital in Tehran, emergency response underway

Gandhi Hospital in northern Tehran has caught fire, prompting swift action from the local fire department and emergency services.

Tehran faces critical air pollution crisis

The Tehran Air Quality Control Department issued a distressing report, revealing an air pollution index of 153 in the capital city on Sunday.

Tehran’s Valiasr Street: A verdant chronicle of transformation

Valiasr Street, hailed as the Middle East's longest and a historic testament in Tehran, traces its origins from an uninhabited expanse to its current bustling grandeur.

Autumn rain in Tehran

A picture of a rainy day in the Iranian capital, Tehran. In autumn and winter, Tehran faces the problem of severe air pollution. Rain and snow, in addition to removing air pollution, grant the residents of Tehran a great sense of softness and beauty.

Clingy suitor injures woman, two others in Iran after getting thumbs down

A desperate suitor who failed to persuade a woman to get married to him shot her wounded at her workplace near the Iranian capital Tehran earlier this month and injured two others.

Fire erupts at warehouse complex in northern Tehran

A significant fire broke out at a warehouse housing store supplies, food, and plastic situated along a bustling highway in north of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

3.5-magnitude earthquake registered near Iranian capital

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale was registered to the southeast of the Iranian capital of Tehran, putting local rescue organizations on alarm.

Member of Tehran mayor office arrested on corruption charges

Authorities in Iran have arrested a member of the office of Tehran Mayor Alireza Zakani on alleged corruption.

Bright nights of Iran’s capital

As people fast during the day in the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, many prefer to take a tour of the Iranian capital after the Iftar time in the evening.

Milad Tower, a tourist destination in NW Tehran

Nowruz has long been associated with traveling in Iran. During the New Year holidays, Tehran, as the busiest city in Iran, becomes secluded as citizens travel.

Iranian capital covered in winter snow again

On Thursday, residents of the Iranian capital, Tehran, woke up to a beautiful snowfall, which blanketed streets in white.

Heavy snow blankets Tehran 

Heavy snowfalls on Sunday caught urban service authorities unawares and icy roads slowed the traffic across the Iranian capital.

High salary of young girl at Tehran’s city council causes furor

The high salary of a young girl working at Tehran’s City Council has caused a furor among people after her purported payroll receipt went viral on social media.

Rats tuning into big headache for Tehran

The boom in the number of bulky rats, known as Norwegian rats, on the streets in the Iranian capital Tehran has become a big source of annoyance for the residents.

Mahdi Chamran re-elected as Tehran City Council chair

Members of Tehran’s Islamic City Council have re-elected Mahdi Chamran as the chair of the body for one more year.

Parachutists jump off Tehran’s Milad Tower to mark Islamic Republic Day

Parachutists have jumped off Tehran’s Milad Tower, Iran’s tallest, to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic, which followed the ouster of the Pahlavi monarchy in the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Storm rips through Tehran, injures 9

A storm hit the Iranian capital Tehran on Thursday afternoon, injuring 9 people.

Tehran holds ceremony celebrating Nowruz

The Iranian capital Tehran has held a ceremony featuring traditional music and arts to celebrate Nowruz, a festival that marks the Persian New Year.

A secret police prison turned museum in downtown Tehran

The Ebrat Museum, located in downtown Tehran, once served as a prison facility run by the highly-notorious SAVAK secret police prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Hostage-taking ends in Tehran after police intervene

A hostage-taking situation ends following police intervention in central Tehran.

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