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Nuclear Talks

Russia says Iran’s response to EU proposal no obstacle to final nuclear deal

A senior Russian diplomat has said Iran's response to the European Union’s draft text for the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal constitutes no "serious obstacle" to a final agreement between Tehran and the remaining parties to the landmark accord.

Political activist: President Raisi delegated to sign, or not sign nuclear deal

Iranian political activist Abbas Abdi, in an article for Etemad newspaper, says that the leader of the Islamic revolution has handed over the responsibility of the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, to president Ebrahim Raisi.

US says Iran’s response to EU proposal a ‘step backward’

Iran has taken “a step backward” with its latest response to a nuclear deal proposal, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, calling a near-term agreement “unlikely”.

Analyst: US, Europe hell-bent on turning heat on Iran

A recent anti-Iran statement by France, Britain and Germany and the turn of political events in the US show that they are determined to apply more pressure on the Islamic Republic amid the standoff in reaching an agreement on saving a sinking 2015 nuclear deal, a political affairs expert says.

Ex-Iranian MP: ‘Triangle of opponents’ succeeded in putting off nuclear deal

A former Iranian lawmaker says the parties opposing the revival of Iran’s nuclear deal with Western powers have achieved their goal of deferring the agreement until an unforeseeable future.

Iranian MP slams US as “greedy” regarding nuclear deal talks

An Iranian lawmaker says the Islamic Republic cannot accept nuclear restrictions before making sure that the interests of the Iranian people are met.

Analyst: Europeans’ claim on Iran nuclear work unacceptable

A former veteran Iranian lawmaker says the issues raised by the European troika concerning the country’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency are completely unacceptable.

Iran negotiating team advisor: Delay in agreement worsens Europeans’ problems

An advisor to the Iranian negotiating team says European countries are not impartial in the nuclear talks, warning that any delay in an agreement on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal will worsen European countries’ problems.

Russia slams ‘untimely’ European statement at ‘critical moment’ in Vienna talks

Russia’s lead negotiator has criticized an “untimely” statement issued by the three European parties to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which comes as the negotiations on a revival of the agreement are at a “critical” juncture.

Iran says European troika statement regarding nuclear talks unconstructive, lacks goodwill

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says a statement the European troika regarding the talks over the revival of the Iran nuclear deal is unconstructive and is in breach of goodwill. 

Iranian MP: US has no choice but to strike nuclear deal with Iran

The United States needs to finalize an agreement with Iran to revive a landmark 2015 nuclear accord in order to fully concentrate on the war in Ukraine before the cold weather sets in, a member of the Iranian parliament says.

Iranian FM calls on US to put aside ambiguous language over nuclear deal

The Iranian Foreign Minister says Tehran seeks a lasting and strong nuclear deal, urging the US to stay away from ambiguous language in this regard so that a deal will be finalized in the shortest possible time.

Russia’s top negotiator: New IAEA resolution against Iran would be unconstructive 

Russia’s representative to international organizations in Vienna has responded to a tweet from the Wall Street Journal report that said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors will not issue a resolution against Iran in its next session.

Iran’s Assembly of Experts: Nuclear talks outcome should serve nation’s interests

Iran’s Assembly of Experts issued a final communiqué at the end of its 10th official meeting on Wednesday in which it asked the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to secure the country’s financial interests in process of negotiations to lift US-led sanctions on Iran.

Iran’s ex-envoy: Time of essence in nuclear negotiations

A former Iranian diplomat says as the talks to restore a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers drag on, striking a deal between negotiating parties becomes harder to achieve.

Expert: Future activity of US firms in Iran can enable effective sanctions removal

An economic expert says a future presence of American companies in the Iranian market in the case of a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal — even at a limited scale — could help make the US administration effectively remove the sanctions against Tehran.

MP: Iran must insist on guarantees, closure of PMD case in nuclear talks

An Iranian lawmaker has called on the foreign ministry to insist on securing guarantees on removal of the anti-Tehran sanctions and ensuring a good nuclear agreement comes out of the Vienna talks.

Ulyanov: It’s clear Iran won’t accept loopholes, ambiguities in nuclear deal

Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations Mikhail Ulyanov has reacted to comments by the EU foreign policy chief who said his optimism regarding revival of a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is fading away.

EU top diplomat says he is less confident about revival of JCPOA 

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell says he’s now less confident that the Vienna talks aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal can be saved.

“Iran has never used its gas and oil as leverage”

A senior advisor to the Iranian negotiating team in Vienna, Mohamamd Marandi, has criticized the Western policy of sanctions vis-à-vis Iran, saying the Islamic Republic has never used its oil and gas as leverage despite that it sits on huge reserves of them.

Iranian Foreign Ministry: Lifting bans priority for Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani says the removal of sanctions on Iran is a key priority for the Islamic Republic. Kanaani was speaking at his weekly press briefing in Tehran.

MP: Iran not empty-handed if west does not want nuclear agreement

A member of the Iranian parliament national security commission says Tehran is not empty-handed and will put other options on the table if the west “does not want to reach an agreement.”

Kayhan chief editor: Nuclear talks lead nowhere, Iran should leave NPT

A veteran Iranian journalist says the long-drawn out talks on Iran’s nuclear deal is in fact “beating the air” since the Western parties are not actually worried about Iran’s nuclear technology but they use it as a pretext to maintain economic pressure against the country.

Shargh to Iran govt.: Don’t waste time on nuclear deal if you do not want it

Iranian daily Shargh has published an article calling on the government “not to waste the time of the country” with shaking its leg on the talks for a revival of the nuclear deal, if it does not want to return to the agreement.

Several Iranian MPs caution President Raisi against US ‘deception’ in JCPOA revival process

A group of Iranian lawmakers write to President Ebrahim Raisi to caution his administration against possible US deception as part of a revived nuclear agreement, officially titled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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