Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iranian expert: Iran on verge of undoing a knot in nuclear case

An Iranian political expert says Iran is very close to undoing a knot in its nuclear case.

Hassan Beheshtipour said the tone of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi shows that he is hopeful the talks between Iran and the nuclear oversight body will continue and the two sides will come up with new ways for cooperation.

Beheshtipour noted that the phrase “comprehensive safeguards agreement” shows that Iran will not give extraordinary access to the IAEA inspectors and that the access will be in line with the same safeguards agreement.

He however said the fact that Iran has agreed to voluntarily let the agency to do increased verification and oversight work at Iranian nuclear sites is a bit vague.

The Iranian political expert said the word “increased” in this segment of the agreement between Iran and the IAEA refers to the issue of safeguards but the increased inspections are not yet certain.

Beheshtipour underlined that Iran tried to work positively with the agency by entering into this agreement with the body and win Grossi’s approval so that his report to the IAEA’s board of governors will not trigger a resolution against Tehran.

He also referred to Grossi’s denial that the detection of 84% enriched uranium particles in Iran does not prove that it has been stockpiled by Iran.

Beheshtipour stressed that Grossi’s remarks showed that enrichment to that purity level was an accident.

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