Friday, June 21, 2024

Iran: IAEA assessments based on unreliable Israeli information 

Iran's representative to international organizations asserted that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) bases its anti-Iran accusations on unreliable information from the Israeli regime.

The Iranian delegation emphasized that the origins of these allegations within the IAEA stem from the Zionist regime.

Additionally, they highlighted that the appointment of 120 IAEA inspectors for Iran clearly demonstrates Tehran’s willingness to enable the Agency to perform its duties effectively, utilizing a diverse pool of experienced inspectors.

They reiterated that nuclear weapons have never had a place in Iran’s defense doctrine, thus there is no basis for interpreting public statements otherwise.

In a note addressing the IAEA Director General’s report, the Iranian representationhighlighted that continuous political pressures from certain countries have reached a point where even technically resolved issues are subsequently altered in IAEA reports, contrary to previously agreed upon conclusions.

They clarified that there are no undisclosed sites that need to be declared under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA).

Furthermore, according to the agreement, Iran corrected relevant audit records, and the IAEA reciprocally provided amended statements for the IRK and IRL facilities.

The developments came after a group of European countries consisting of Germany, France and the UK tabled a draft resolution with the IAEA against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear activities, which Tehran says are for scientific and peaceful purposes.

Iran continues to stress its compliance and transparency in its nuclear activities, urging the IAEA to resist external political influences in its assessments and reports.

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