Friday, February 23, 2024

Raisi: Western sides walked away from negotiating table when unrest began in Iran

Iran’s President Ebrhaim Raisi says Western parties walked away from the JCPOA revival talks with Tehran and declared that they would pursue the issue with the Islamic Republic on the streets.

He was speaking at a ceremony in which ambassadors of Muslim countries met with the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on Saturday.

Raisi described the move by the Western sides as a miscalculation.

He added that Iran will achieve the national interests of the Iranian people through graceful and constructive presence in international bodies.

The Iranian president stressed that the country will overcome what he described as “economic seditions”.

He was apparently referring to the economic problems caused by Western sanctions on Iran.

Raisi underlined that the huge turnout of people for the rallies marking the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution doubles the responsibility of officials in this regard.

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