Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran: Negotiations for revival of the nuclear deal, removal of sanctions ongoing

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the negotiations for revival of the 2015 nuclear deal are ongoing among involved parties and through relevant channels.

Nasser Kanaani also said in his weekly presser that Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency continues adding that he cannot give any new details about the planned visit to Tehran by the director of the UN agency.

Kanaani also talked about the 25-year strategic roadmap between Iran and China. He said bilateral talks on the subject continue adding that good agreements were made with the Chinese official in charge of the roadmap during his recent visit to Iran.

The spokesman touched on the use of a “fabricated” name for the Persian Gulf during the recent football matches in Iraq.

Kanaani stressed that nothing within the framework of a football match will change the fact that “the Persian Gulf, is the Persian Gulf”, noting that Iran has officially protested to the government of Iraq.

The spokesman talked about the support for the recent riots and protests in Iran by some members of the European Parliament.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing European officials improperly exploiting all basics and principles of international relations. In essence, we consider such measures as stunts in line with operations of [political] parties in these countries,” he said.

“If champions of human rights seek to support general values and political prisoners, why they are not using their potential for political representation in supporting Palestinian prisoners in the horrific prisons of the Zionist regime, in their allied countries or in supporting refuges in the region in Yemen and Syria?” he asked.

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