Friday, June 2, 2023

Iran-UK Relations

UK, EU announce fresh sanctions on Iranian officials over “rights abuse”

The UK government and the European Union on Monday imposed new sanctions on several Iranian officials and a telecom firm for alleged human rights violations. Tehran and several Western states have been engaged in a diplomatic row over their stance on the recent unrest in Iran.

Iran rejects UK, Israel claims over “nuclear threat”

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected as irony claims by Britain and Israel over quote threats posed by Tehran's nuclear work.

EU, UK sanction several Iranian officials, an entity over “rights violation”

The European Union and the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian officials and one organization over what they call human rights abuses.

UK diplomat summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has summoned Ms. Isabelle Marsh the interim chargé d’affaires of the British Embassy to protest “the continuation of baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Iran sanctions several EU, UK officials, organizations

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has published a new list of sanctions against a number of European Union (EU) and British individuals and entities for sponsoring terrorism and encouraging violence against the Iranian people.

Tehran’s Embassy in London condemns anti-Iran claims in Daily Telegraph report

The Iranian Embassy in the UK condemns Daily Telegraph for publishing an article full of false and fabricated allegations against the Islamic Republic, advising the news outlet to base its reports on credible and trustworthy sources instead of citing unfounded claims of Israel and terror organizations.

British ambassador returns to Tehran 

British Ambassador to Tehran Simon Shercliff has announced his return to the Iranian capital after he was recalled by London for consultation.

Iran announces new sanctions on EU and Britain

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has in a statement announced sanctions against some individuals and entities in France and Britain as well as some European lawmakers.

Iran condemns EU, UK bans on real and legal persons, vows own sanctions

Iran has strongly condemned a move by the European Union and Britain to impose sanctions on some Iranian real and legal persons, saying Tehran will soon announce its own bans against the Europeans.

Iranian defense ministry denies executed MI6 spy was deputy defense chief

Iran’s defense ministry denies that executed British spy Alireza Akbari ever held the post of deputy defense minister of the Islamic Republic.

UK sanctions Iran’s prosecutor general in response to MI6 spy execution

The United Kingdom has sanctioned Iran’s prosecutor general in response to Tehran’s execution of an Iranian-British national convicted of espionage for the British intelligence agency, Foreign Minister James Cleverly confirmed on Saturday.

British ambassador to Tehran summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

Simon Shercliff, the British ambassador to Tehran has been summoned to the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs over “the unreasonable interferences of Britain in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s national security.”

London condemns Tehran’s execution of British-Iranian national convicted of spying

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly says that Iran's execution of a British-Iranian national would not go unchallenged, while UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called the hanging of the spy a "cowardly act." Alireza Akbari, a former Iranian official, has been executed after he was guilty of spying for the British intelligence agency.

Iran executes ex-defense official convicted of espionage for Britain

Iran has executed Alireza Akbari, a former defense official who was sentenced to death over long-running espionage for Britain’s MI6 intelligence service.

Iranian national convicted of spying for Britain, sentenced to death

The Iranian intelligence ministry says former defense ministry employee Alireza Akbari convicted of spying for Britain has been sentenced to death.

IRGC says has arrested 7 members of a UK-linked counterrevolutionary cell

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps(IRGC) says its forces have dealt a heavy blow to a counterrevolutionary cell linked to Britain.

Iranian MP: Lawmakers push for downgrading ties with European troika

An Iranian lawmaker says Iran's parliament will press legislation to downgrade ties with Britain. Esmail Kosari said MPs also want to push for reconsidering ties with France and Germany.

British envoy to Iran, embassy staffers clear mission’s walls of anti-UK slogans

British Ambassador to Iran Simon Shercliff joins staff members of the UK embassy and those of other foreign embassies in Tehran to erase the anti-UK slogans apparently written by protesters on the walls of the country’s diplomatic mission over its reported involvement in a series of protests and riots in Iran.

UK ambassador to Tehran summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

Iran's Foreign Ministry sommoned the UK ambassador to Tehran for "the continuation of the meddlesome statements of British officials about Iran’s internal developments and their support for terror and rioting and their imposition of illegal sanctions against a number of Iranian nationals."

Iran rejects Britain’s claim over drones, nuclear program

Iran has rejected as baseless a claim by the British foreign secretary regarding Iran’s provision of drone to Russia for use in the Ukraine war.

Iranian official says UK supporting anti-Iran ‘war room’

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry says the UK government is supporting an anti-Iran “war room” by offering support for a London-based Saudi-owned television network.

Iran slams EU, UK sanctions, vows response

The spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry has strongly condemned the new sanctions of the European Union and the UK against some Iranian individuals and institutions, vowing proportionate response.

Iranian university students hold protest rally outside UK embassy

Hundreds of university students accompanied by large numbers of ordinary people and business owners have gathered outside the British embassy in Tehran to protest "London’s hostile acts against Iran’s national security."

Head of Iran’s Taekwondo Federation slams UK for denying visas for Iranian athletes

The head of Iran's Taekwondo Federation has criticized Britain for refusing to issue visas for seven members of the Iranian national Taekwondo team in the World Taekwondo Grand Prairie competitions in Manchester.

Iran imposes sanctions on British individuals, institutions for supporting terrorism, instigating riots

The Islamic Republic of Iran has imposed sanctions on a number of British individuals and institutions for their role in “supporting terrorism, promoting and instigating terrorism, violence and hate-mongering and violation of human rights.”

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