Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Healthcare in Iran

Iran, Russia to Jointly Produce Medicines

Iran and Russia have agreed to launch a joint project to produce medicines with the aim of promoting bilateral relations in medical and healthcare fields.

Iranian Doctors Sew Back Quick-Hit Kid’s Severed Hand

In a rare surgery conducted in the quake-hit areas in western Iran, a number of Iranian scientists successfully reattached the right hand of a seven-year-old boy whose hand had been cut off from wrist.

Iranian Scientists Find New Treatment for NB Cancer

Iranian scientists have managed to find a new method for treatment of neuroblastoma (NB) cancer, which is based on killing a significant number of cancer cells.

Two Babies Born in Makeshift Hospital amid Iran Earthquake

Two babies have been born and a brain surgery performed in the Iranian Army’s makeshift hospitals in Kermanshah province since Sunday night when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the country’s western areas.

Brain-Dead Woman’s Organs Save Five Lives

The donation of a brain-dead woman’s organs in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad have saved the lives of at least five patients in critical conditions.

Iran Working to Handle Street Children’s Health Issues

An Iranian lawmaker says a committee should be set up to deal with the health issues related to street children.

Iran-Uganda Medical Centre Opened in Kampala

Iran-Uganda Medical Centre, a 50-bed hospital funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran, was inaugurated in the African state's capital city of Kampala.

UK Firm Signs €1.8bn MoU to Build Cancer Centres in Iran

Iran’s ambassador to London says a major British company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Iran to finance the construction of a network of cancer centres in the Islamic Republic.

Tehran Hosts Sports Festival for Mentally Ill Patients

The seventh festival of sports competitions for mental health treatment and rehabilitation centres was recently held in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Second Mother in Iran Delivers Baby under Hypnosis

Secretary of the Iranian Hypnotherapy Association says the second case of hypnobirthing in Iran has taken place at Bentolhoda Hospital in Mashhad.

“Smart Pills to Be Used to Treat Diseases in Near Future”

A prominent US-based Iranian researcher says smart pills will be sent into the human body in less than ten years’ time.

Iran Hosts First Int’l Live Brain Surgery Seminar

Iran has displayed for the first time its medical capabilities in an international brain surgery seminar held in the southern city of Shiraz.

Iran Welcomes Joint Ventures with Germany: Health Minister

Iranian health minister says the country is ready to promote its cooperation with Germany to develop modern technologies and create job opportunities in Iran’s health sector.

Production of Cancer Prevention Syrup Begins in Central Iran

An Iranian researcher says the production of a cancer prevention drug titled ‘Odorata syrup’ has begun in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

Iran’s Private Sector to Open Hospital for Medical Tourists

The largest private hospital in western Iran is set to open by March 2018 with the aim of offering health services to Iranian and foreign medical tourists.

Iranian Hospital in Mecca Giving Services to Pilgrims

Iran’s hospital in Mecca, launched by the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) a couple of years ago, has been providing various medical services for pilgrims during the Hajj season.

Iran Ready to Host Int’l Event to Mark World Blood Donor Day

In a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), Iran Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) has voiced its preparedness to host an international event to mark World Blood Donor Day in 2019.

Medical Tourists Looking for VIP Services in Iran

An Iranian surgeon and entrepreneur says the country should prepare the grounds for attracting medical tourists who would like to receive VIP services.

Iran Inks Medical Tourism MoUs with 32 Countries

Iran has signed several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on medical tourism with 32 countries in a specialized conference recently held in Tehran.

Iranian Cancer Kid Fulfils Dream of Being a Groom

A seven-year-old Iranian cancer kid has achieved his dream of being a groom with the cooperation of a group of benefactors from Khuzestan province in southern Iran.

Free Treatment for Child Whose Photo Went Viral after Tehran Attacks

Iran’s Minister of Health and Medical Education, Seyyed Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi, has ordered officials to make arrangements for free treatment of a child boy, whose photo taken in the Parliament amid Tehran terrorist attacks grabbed the headlines across the world.

Iraq Appreciates Iran for Meeting Its Health Needs

Iraq’s health minister has thanked Tehran for meeting Baghdad’s needs in the health and medical treatment sectors in the earliest time.

Iranian MP Lauds Sharp Decrease in Pharmaceutical Imports

An Iranian MP has praised a 25-percent decrease in imports of pharmaceuticals to Iran, saying the country should focus on expanding the export of its homegrown medicine by using the expertise of its elites.

400 University Students Food Poisoned in Iran

At least 400 university students in central Iranian city of Yazd were food poisoned, with almost half of them hospitalized on Monday morning, an emergency official declared.

Gen. Soleimani Thanks Rouhani Gov’t for Medical Aid to Resistance Forces

The IRGC Quds Force Commander in a letter to Iran’s minister of health appreciated the ministry’s efforts to provide medical assistance for the fighters of the resistance front.

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