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Appearance of Hands May Give Clues about Diseases

Symptoms for certain diseases and conditions may appear on your hands, which could be very helpful for prompt diagnosis or treatment.

The appearance of hands can give you clues about the status of your general health, so that you will be able to spot health problems in your body, says a report released by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

These are the conditions the symptoms of which may first appear on hands:

Hands are always cold: The constant coldness of hands coupled with a change of the skin colour is a sign of problems with the circulatory or nervous system, and one should see a doctor immediately for diagnosis.

Trembling fingers:This may be caused by carrying heavy loads. However, the symptom sometimes appears without any reason, which is due to a deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, B1 and E.

Pain in the index finger and thumb: This kind of pain coupled with a burning sensation or feeling pins and needles could be a symptom of the Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The syndrome leads to the inflammation of the wrist and puts pressure on nerves, resulting in a very unpleasant sensation. The CTS is common among musicians and computer users.

Wounds that heal slowly: Bruises and slow-healing wounds on hands are symptoms of diabetes. If you suffer from such wounds along with hunger, constant thirst and feeling pins and needles in your hands and feet, see a doctor immediately for a diabetes checkup.

Change of finger’s skin colour: This symptom can be caused due to several reasons, including stress or lifting heavy loads. Still, a change of finger colour coupled with an itch, pain, feelings of pins and needles and numbness could be a sign of a spinal disease or cardiovascular problems.

Sweating profusely: unusually heavy sweat on your hands could be a symptom of hyperhidrosis.

Brittle nails: If you find out that your nails break easily, it could be due to the use of detergents and a whole range of improper methods of taking care of your nails. Still, this symptom along with fatigue, tiredness and joint pain could be a sign of thyroid disorder as well.

Inflammation of hands:This could be the result of heat or eating too much salt. Still, long-time inflammation could be a symptom of vascular diseases.

Change of nail colour: If you see that the colour of your skin has changed, it may be because you suffer from anemia where the amount of hemoglobin in your blood has decreased.

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