Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Researchers Use Marine Animals’ Waste for Wound Treatment

An Iranian knowledge-based company has used marine animals’ waste to develop powerful healing agents for the treatment of various types of wound.

There are many constituents in the biological cycle of organisms that can be used to treat humans. With the advent of scientific approaches in the world, researchers have increasingly recognized the importance of using natural resources in scientific tests.

An Iranian knowledge-based company called Chitotech, managed by a female researcher, Dr Soheila Salahshour Kordestani, has managed to produce powerful healing agents to treat various wounds. It has carried out the job by doing research on marine animals’ waste.

These agents in biological or bioactive dressings are effective in treating various types of wounds, especially diabetic ones and bed sores.

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Another achievement of this company is non-alcohol-based disinfectants that are manufactured with nanotechnology. The main element in these products is silver. Since ancient times, silver has been used by human for its antimicrobial properties.

With a record of 5 international patents and 22 national patents, the company now competes with European and American companies in making these products.

Currently, the company’s products are exported to the countries of Southeast Asia, the Arab states of the region and Turkey, and with the lifting of sanctions, exports to European and American countries are expected to resume.

Chitotech is one of the leading companies at the 2018 International Nano Exhibition that will be held on October 13-16 in Tehran. In this exhibition, many companies from Iran and various countries will introduce their latest findings in the field of Nano-sciences.

Dr Salahshour hopes that in the future, by relying on modern technologies, the country would not be dependent on the oil industry anymore and be equipped with other technologies.

Iran Nano 2018 - Nanotechnology Exhibition

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