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Modern Methods Make It Easier to Treat Infertility in Men

Modern methods are used nowadays to treat sterility in men, which is easier to treat than infertility in women.

Many couples around the world suffer from infertility problems. One of the reasons for this condition is infertility in men. Family background or the lifestyle may contribute to men’s infertility. Generally speaking, it is easier to treat infertility in men than in women once the cause of infertility is diagnosed.

If a couple have not used contraceptives and have had regular intercourse for one year since their marriage, and still cannot have children, they need to be examined with regards to infertility. Not to mention the problems that cause infertility in women such as ovulation and womb problems, hormone disorders and diseases, infertility in men can have numerous reasons. Among the reasons of infertility in men are childhood diseases such as surgeries on areas around testicles, testicles being positioned upper than the normal position, hormone disorders such as problems with the hypophysis or sex hormones, inadequate growth of testicles, genetic disorders such the small size of testicles, some chronic infections which affect the performance of testicles, taking certain drugs, certain infections with the reproductive system, long-running diseases marked by fever which affect spermatogenesis, obesity and tobacco use. People’s jobs can also contribute to their infertility. For example, men involved in fumigation jobs and constantly exposed to agents which are harmful to testicles such as pesticides, and bakers, who are always standing by hot ovens, may become infertile.


Common Treatments for Infertility in Men

– In vitro fertilization (IVF)

– Medicines (drugs are effective when men have slight to medium-severity problems)

– Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (in cases when the wife is less than 37 years old, the odds of becoming pregnant is 60% after four times of intracytoplasmic sperm injection, but the chances will drop to 20% if she is over 37 years of age)

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The ICSI method is very costly. This is while doctors should treat patients using methods that are simple, have the least number of side effects and are inexpensive. Among other measures to cure infertility are cutting down on smoking, refraining from drinking alcohol, reducing stress, reducing weight in obese men, reducing the heat around testicles and treating infections and testicular problems.


Foods Useful in Treating Infertility in Men

Brazilian nuts, meat and grains are good sources of selenium, which is necessary for the development of the reproductive system in men. Red meat, seafood, and brown rice contain zinc, which also contributes to fertility in men. Berries, avocado, peach and vegetables contain vitamins C and E, which help increase the number and activity of sperms.

Carrots, potatoes, mangoes, apricots and vegetables are rich in beta-Carotene, which is needed for full development of sperms.

At the moment, extremely modern methods are used to diagnose, prevent and treat infertility in men. These methods will hopefully be available to the general public in the near future.

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