Monday, December 5, 2022

Effective DNA Extraction Method Helps Minimize Lab Costs

Iranian scientists have in recent years made great progress in molecular genetics, especially in extraction of DNA, minimizing the time of costly laboratory tests and paving the way for further diagnoses.

Over the recent years, biotechnology has witnessed a tremendous progress in a short span of time. Diagnosing various genetic diseases even before birth, determining kinship relations and identifying criminals through genetic tests are among the main developments achieved so far. But the list is much longer.

There are many knowledge-based companies in Iran involved in molecular genetics, biotechnology and other areas related to life sciences. At present, scientists can precisely diagnose pathogenic mutation through modern knowledge of biotechnology and identify various causes of genetic diseases. The new knowledge serves as a good opportunity to diagnose vectors or genetic diseases before birth.

Some of the main developments in this area include identifying defective genes, diagnosing diseases before birth, various types of genetic diseases, pregnancy syndrome, males’ sterility and determining relativity connections through genetic sciences.

Today, determining the racial authenticity of animals like horses is also deemed significant. At present, the process is carried out through scientific methods.

For a more detailed review of Iran’s achievements in various fields of science and technology, check the book “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review”, released by the Science and Technology Department of the Iranian President’s Office.

Blood preservation cards which provide users with a chance to keep their blood and DNA for a long time, various types of cards for preserving saliva and amniotic fluid are the main products in this area.

Dr Zeinali, a faculty member at the Pasteur Institute of Iran and the founder of Kowsar knowledge-based company says, “Given the high amount of protein and low number of embryonic stem cells in amniotic fluid, extracting DNA from the fluid is hard and we need to use an appropriate method to do so. Extraction kit is a fast, precise and good method for extracting DNA from the fluid.”

So far, tens of various and efficient domestic medical equipment have been designed and developed by Iranian specialists and designers. The equipment can play a key role in creating an appropriate and clean area with the least amount of pollution.

With the progress made so far in molecular genetics, the scientist can minimize the time of costly laboratory tests and pave the way for further diagnoses.

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