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How Much Calories Should We Eat to Remain Healthy?

Any type of food, except water, contains calories that produce energy in our body. The amount of calories one needs per day varies from person to person; our daily calorie intake depends on a variety of factors including weight, height, gender, age, and daily activity.

Studies show that in addition to what we eat, factors such as how we eat our food can also affect the amount of calories that our body absorbs.

Essential nutrients consist of three groups of carbohydrate, fat and protein. In another word, they should be available in an appropriate size in each healthy diet. A healthy diet, especially one that includes probiotic products, plays a key role in preventing diseases in the future. If you want to manage your weight, it is important to have information about calories. You should receive your daily calories in a number of meals and snacks. You also need to know how much calories you should receive during each meal and snack.

Men and women differ in terms of their daily calorie requirements. To calculate the calorie requirement, you should first set your target. Do you want to lose or gain weight or keep it unchanged? Having set your target, you can now decide how much calories you should receive and which food to eat to reach your ideal weight.

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Healthy foods play a key role in the process of reaching one’s ideal weight. Instead of enduring hunger and hardship, you can energetically live on an appropriate healthy diet.

Each meal should contain some protein, whole grain, healthy fat, fruit or vegetables, which are nutritionally valuable. Eating healthy and organic foods instead of processed ones help you to feel satiety for a longer time. Fruits can serve as an extraordinary option for snacks.

Eating a medium-size banana or a small bowl of strawberries provide you with at least 150 calories. Other appropriate options for snacks could be a piece of wholemeal bread with two teaspoons of peanut butter (135 calories), three dates (165 calories) or four chopped crackers with two pieces of low-fat cheese (135 calories). With a simple search on the internet, you can find the calories available in each edible or drinkable material.

The calories you need should consist of 55-60 percent carbohydrates, 25-30 percent protein and 15-20 percent fat.

How Much Calories Should We Eat to Remain Healthy?An average healthy man should obtain the needed calories within 4 to 6 meals. Due to job and cultural conditions, many people usually have three meals per day which is not a healthy diet at all.

The more you chew your food, the more calories your body will absorb. Each country has its own recommended amount of calories for men and women. For example in the US, men are recommended to eat 2,700 calories per day. This figure for women is 2,200.

To accurately calculate your body’s calorie requirement per day, you should first calculate your Body Mass Index (IBM). Remember that a meal of fish/meat, salad and small amount of olive oil along with some fruits have 500 calories. Such a meal is very beneficial to your health and can further prolong your satiety feeling compared with some snacks like popcorn mixed with butter or toffee.

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