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What Foods Should We Eat to Remain Healthy?

If you are given a basket and asked to fill it with at least ten types of nutritious fruits and vegetables, which ones would you choose? Do you know what to choose for your daily diet in order to avoid digestive diseases?

As the first step, you should fill your refrigerator with all types of healthy, colourful and nutritious foods. While choosing your foods, you should be very careful about the amount of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, probiotic products, minerals, fibres and fats within them.

Food security means equal physical and economic access by all people, wherever and whenever, to all healthy, sufficient and nutritious foods for having a healthy and active life.

Malnutrition usually leads to death. 60 percent of children’s death in the world is due to malnutrition. One in ten children who have lost their lives suffered from severe malnutrition. 1.2 to 3 million children in the world die of vitamin A shortage. 20 percent of mothers lose their lives because of iron deficiency anemia. Meanwhile, the high number of low-birth-weight infants is mainly due to their mothers’ weakening diseases.

Disorders resulted from shortage of iodine usually lead to a decrease of 13.5 in IQ. Meanwhile, malnutrition dramatically reduces children’s capabilities in the schools and hampers their educational progress. Families play a leading role in the nutrition of their members. The combination of the family nutrition basket hinges on a number of elements with culture and nutrition knowledge as the most important ones.

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Each complete and healthy diet is set according to the food pyramid. For example, it’s better for you to have some eggs, avocados and trail mix for breakfast, various types of vegetable soup for lunch and spinach and other vegetables or some plant proteins, fish, meat or rice for dinner.

Note that you don’t need to overuse healthy foods. Eat your food slowly and whenever you feel hungry. Vegetables should be among the main priorities of your healthy diet before proteins and cereals. Meanwhile, care about use of various types of sausage or pickles. These foods usually contain a large amount of sugar, salts and many types of preservatives which are not usually enlisted as the main ingredients of healthy foods.

What Foods Should We Eat to Remain Healthy?When you decide to eat a food, view it in a big picture instead of an individual meal. For example, vegetables are ranked as healthiest foods but you should not eat vegetables for breakfast or dinner. If you do so, you wouldn’t have a healthy diet any further and your daily calories are not procured.

So, if you eat vegetable soups for lunch, there is no need any more to have proteins, fats, iron anemia or calcium during breakfast and dinner. Pay attention to the foods you take during each day.

You should be aware whether or not the food you take includes fibres, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins or other healthy ingredients. This helps you to gradually fill your food basket with healthy materials ensuring your own and your family members’ health.

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