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Donald Trump

Trump reelection not to hinder Iran’s oil sales: Minister

Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji says that Tehran’s oil exports won’t be hampered if Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections in November. He also added that sanctions and acts of sabotage have failed to stop the country’s progress in the oil sector.

“Trump could chock off all economic lifelines of Iran if elected in Nov.”

A political analyst warns against the notion that anti-Iran sanctions have been neutralized.

Diplomats say NATO should prepare for US to leave amid Ukraine war

NATO could face a serious risk of the US leaving the alliance if Donald Trump is re-elected as the US president in November, the Telegraph has reported, citing several diplomats from the bloc’s member states. Europe’s NATO countries should develop some strategy to deal with the consequences of such an eventuality and reconsider the bloc’s defense capabilities, they warned.

Leader’s advisor dismisses Trump claims on Iran’s targeting of US base in Iraq

A senior advisor to Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has rejected former US president Donald Trump’s claim, recently repeating that Iran intentionally avoided targeting a US base in Iraq in January 2020 in retaliation for the assassination of top Iranian commander General Qassem Soleimani.

‘Russian trolls’ did not help Trump in 2016 Election

Twitter Accounts labeled as “Russian trolls” had any meaningful effect pushing voters to Donald Trump in 2016 presidential according to a study published in Nature Communications. A team of researchers could not find any evidence that interactions with content attributed to the “Internet Research Agency” (IRA) in any way influenced attitudes, voting patterns, or political divisions.

Official: Trump, Pompeo and McKenzie main defendants in case of murder of Iran anti-terror icon

Iran’s top human rights official says former US President Donald Trump, his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Head of the US Central Command General Kenneth Franklin McKenzie are the main defendants in the dossier of the assassination of Iran’s anti-terror icon, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

Blinken: Trump JCPOA withdrawal ‘one of worst decisions in US foreign policy’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has criticized former President Donald Trump for the current situation over Iran’s nuclear programme. The top diplomat has called Trump’s move to pull Washington out of the Iran nuclear dal as ”one of the worst decisions made in recent American foreign policy”.

Poll: Almost 80% of republicans want Trump to run for president

Over three-fourths of republicans want the former president, Donald Trump to seek another term in the White House, according to a survey. Previous polls show Americans’ confidence in US President Joe Biden’s capability to handle several important issues is falling.

Trump sues panel probing capitol riot

Former US President Donald Trump has filed a federal lawsuit against the committee investigating the Capitol Hill riots last January. The ex-leader is seeking to block the panel from obtaining his administration's records from the National Archives. Five people were killed during riots in the US Capitol complex.

Republican senators reject Trump as potential presidential candidate

In the US Senate, Many Republicans hope former President Donald Trump would not run for the White House in 2024. Trump has suggested only a "bad call from a doctor" would prevent him from seeking another White House bid.

Trump attacks Biden for ‘humiliating, destroying US’

Former US President Donald Trump has strongly blasted the administration of Joe Biden over “two national crises, Afghanistan withdrawal and migrant crisis”. Trump says the United States is "a Nation humiliated like never before” and "is being destroyed".

France says Biden acted like Trump in submarine deal with Australia

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has accused US President Joe Biden of making an "unpredictable decision" like former US President Donald Trump "used to do" after he scrapped a $40 billion submarine defense deal that the European nation had signed with Australia.

US Capitol fence to return ahead of pro-rioters rally

A fence will once again surround the US Capitol ahead of a planned rally by backers of the roughly 600 people facing criminal charges arising from the deadly January 6 riot by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Trump rips Biden over Afghanistan withdrawal

Former US President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, saying it made the Democrats look like a “fool". In a video message, Trump said the withdrawal has caused the US to lose 85 billion dollars in military equipment.

US Capitol Police bracing for violence ahead of pro-Trump rally

The Capitol Police is increasing security in preparation for potential violence at a September rally in which followers of former President Donald Trump intend to show support for people arrested after the deadly January attack on the Capitol, according to a statement and an internal memo on Wednesday.

Ex-advisor: Trump ‘definitely’ to run in 2024

An advisor to Donald Trump says after recent conversations with the former president, a 2024 run is happening, as President Joe Biden approval rating has taken a hit in the wake of Afghanistan exit.

Rouhani Says His Administration’s Services Downplayed by Trump’s Actions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his administration's services and performance would have looked much better if it was not for Donald Trump.

Rouhani Says Rejected Trump’s Offer to Give Iran ‘Four Ventilators’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he declined former US President Donald Trump’s offer to provide Iran with “four ventilators” in early months of the coronavirus outbreak, and offered instead to export Iranian ventilators to the US.

US Move to Withdraw Snapback Claim Shows Failure of Maximum Pressure: Iran

A senior Iranian official says the United States’ announcing that it has abandoned efforts to activate the so-called “snapback” mechanism means its economic war and maximum pressure policy against the Iranian nation has failed.

Trump Administration’s Actions Disgraced US Worldwide: Iran

The Iranian vice president says the United States lost all grace across the world as a result of actions by its former President Donald Trump.

World Beholden to Iran for Defeat of Trump: Rouhani

The Iranian president says the people’s resistance and the government’s prudence during the three-year US economic war on Iran crushed former American President Donald Trump.

Trump Relegated to ‘Dustbin’, but Soleimani’s Memory ‘Shines on’: Zarif

Iran says Donald Trump, who left the White House on Wednesday, will be “relegated to the dustbin of history in disgrace” for assassinating Iranian anti-terror commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, while the latter’s memory will continue to “shine on”.

US ‘Political Isolation’ Legacy of Trump: Iran President

The Iranian president says US President Donald Trump’s "dark and vicious" rule has come to an end, leaving behind a legacy of political isolation for Washington.

Iran Not After War with US: FM Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister says Tehran is not after a conflict with the US, but the actions taken by the outgoing administration of US President Donald Trump will have no bearing on Iran’s willpower.

US New Sanctions Another Sign of Trump Admin’s Wickedness: Iran

A senior Iranian official says the United States’ recent sanctions are yet another sign of Washington’s wickedness.

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