Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Donald Trump

US Election Results Show Half of Americans Back Trumpism Ideology: Iran

Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs, says the US election results show half of the US population supports President Donald Trump’s mindset and mentality.

Iran Hopes Biden Administration Will Correct Trump’s Wrong Policies

Iran’s government spokesman has expressed hope that the administration of the new US president will adopt decisions which would serve the interests of both Iran and America and the whole world.

Those Who Killed Soleimani to Remain on Iran’s Wanted List: Foreign Ministry

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says Tehran sees no immunity for those behind the assassination of top Iranian commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and they will remain on Iran’s “wanted list”.

Iran-US Military Conflict Totally Off the Table Now: Analyst

An expert on international relations says US President Donald Trump is likely to move forward with his current “maximum pressure” policy on Iran if he manages to defeat Joe Biden in the presidential race, and he would never dare to launch a military campaign against Iran.

US Elections Winner Unimportant to Iran; It’s US Policy That Matters: Rouhani

The Iranian president says who takes the reins at the White House as the next US president is unimportant to Iran, but what matters is the policy he adopts.

‘Biden’s Victory to Keep Iran’s Hardliners from Winning 2021 Votes’

A senior Iranian politician says if Joe Biden wins the US elections this year, hardliners will have little chance to win the 2021 presidential elections in Iran.

Trump’s Re-Election Could Up Odds of War with Iran: Ex-Diplomat

A former Iranian diplomat believes if US President Donald Trump remains in the White House, his hawkish associates will try their best to wage a war between the United States and Iran.

US Election Results Unimportant to Iran: Vaezi

Iran does not care who wins the US presidential election in November, chief of staff of the Iranian president has said, describing the mounting American pressures on Tehran as a tactic to whitewash the US’ failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

US Pressure on Iran a Non-Starter, Official Says

The chief of staff of the Iranian president has highlighted the failure of American sanctions and pressures against Tehran, saying Washington has no option but to change policy towards the Islamic Republic, no matter who wins the US presidential election.

US Election Developments of No Concern to Iran: Spokesman

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says the winner of the November race for the White House is of no concern to Tehran, and it will slap the US in the face if the next president, whoever he is, would encroach upon the Islamic Republic’s security.

Trump Administration Set Fire to Negotiating Room: Iran’s Zarif

Iran’s foreign minister says US President Donald Trump has set fire to the negotiating room and is now committing economic terrorism against the Iranian nation.

US Presidential Debate Showed Washington in Deep Trouble: Iran

The Iranian president says the first US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden indicated that US officials themselves are really in a bind.

Spokesman Rejects Kuwaiti Paper’s Report on Iran-US Talks

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has dismissed a Kuwaiti newspaper’s claim that Tehran and Washington have sat for talks in Oman, saying Iran will not negotiate with US unless it accepts the Islamic Republic’s conditions.

Iran Says Doesn’t Care Who Takes Helm at White House

It does not matter to Iran who wins the US presidential election as long as Washington has not shifted its unlawful policy of sanctions, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations says.

Trump Admin. Inflicted $150 Billion in Losses on Iran: Rouhani

The Iranian president has hit out at the government of US President Donald Trump for causing Iran to suffer billions of dollars in losses in the past three years.

Trump, Associates Don’t Know Even ABCs of Politics: Iran

A senior Iranian official says Washington’s efforts to bring back international sanctions on Tehran were aimed at improving US President Donald Trump’s approval ratings ahead of US elections, but they would not take such a risk had they known the ABCs of politics.

Zarif Raps US Resort to ‘Law of Jungle’, Urges Americans to Wake Up

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lashed out at the US administration's resort to the "law of jungle" both at the national and international level.

Iran Says Not Looking to Developments in US

The Iranian government spokesman says Tehran is not looking to developments in the United States ahead of the upcoming presidential election in that country.

None of Trump’s Decisions Well-Thought: Iran Official

A senior Iranian official says Donald Trump has made many mistakes in different areas since he took power as US president.

Trump’s Approval Ratings Nosediving: Iran Official

A senior Iranian official says US President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have sharply declined during the last months of his administration’s tenure.

Rouhani’s Aide Explains Why Meeting with Trump Never Happened

An advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he did whatever he could to preserve the Iran nuclear deal, and was even ready to meet his American counterpart if Trump was seriously after a deal.

Trump Must Await Back-to-Back Failures: Iran

A senior Iranian official says the UN Security Council’s refusal to adopt a US-drafted proposal to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran was another sign of international opposition to Washington’s unilateralism.

Civil War May Erupt in US If Trump Loses Nov. Elections: Analyst

A political analyst says there is every chance of a civil strife and security crisis breaking out in the United States should the incumbent president fail to secure a re-election.

Evangelicalism and US Politics: Why Evangelicals Like Trump So Much

Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, a scholar of religion and a former diplomat, has weighed in on the impact of evangelical Christianity on the US politics and the country’s foreign policy, especially during the tenure of President Donald Trump.

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump, Others Involved in Killing Soleimani

Tehran's prosecutor says 36 people involved in the assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani have been identified and the judiciary has ordered their arrest.

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