Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iran’s President Voices Concern over Relative Rise in COVID-19 Infections

The Iranian president has expressed concern over a drop in the percentage of people who abide by health protocols amid a surge in the coronavirus outbreak.

President Hassan Rouhani said the extent to which people comply with health directives has decreased from 82% to 62% over the past week.

“This issue is very alarming,” he said.

He made the comments after a report was released by the National Coronavirus Headquarters suggesting there has been a relative rise in the number of those infected and hospitalized due to coronavirus.

He touched upon the opening of schools and universities, saying either educational centres may hold their classes online or students may physically attend classes depending on the circumstances.

“The top priority is to protect students and university students’ health,” he noted.
He said educational centres opened just recently, and hence, there are no precise statistics about the number of those infected in educational settings.

The president urged the health ministry to monitor the proper implementation of health protocols, saying all school authorities are obliged to enforce health directives.

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