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Iranians Spend ‘Sizdah Bedar’ at Home to Contain Coronavirus

The coronavirus has forced Iranians to change their traditional habit and stay home this year on the ancient national festival of Sizdah Bedar or the Nature's Day.

All the streets are empty and silent. No one has come out as if there is no one in this city. All shops are shut down and there is no sound of car horns, traffic jams and red lights on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

It seems the cities are uninhabited, but in every house life is going on; the lives of all those who love each other wisely and lovingly and do not want to be deceived by the beautiful nature these days.

People are staying home this year as Police has announced that according to the regulations of the National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus, those who do not pay attention to police and camp alongside roads and gardens, their cars will be stopped and they will be fined IRR 5 million (some 30 dollars) if they insist. Their car will also be taken to the parking lot.

Sizdah Bedar is observed on the thirteenth day of the Iranian calendar month of Farvardin usually falling on April 1 or 2 and the last day of the Nowruz holidays.

People usually spend the day out in the parks, gardens, riversides, forests, etc. by preparing lunch in small or big groups. However, this year, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, all parks, gardens and recreational centres are shut down to observe the social disturbing plan.

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