Friday, January 28, 2022

Iranian Firm Develops N95 Mask Making Machine

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An Iranian knowledge-based company has designed and manufactured an industrial machine producing N95 face masks, a respiratory device designed to achieve close facial fit and efficient filtration which is widely used for protection against the novel coronavirus.

Local experts at a knowledge-based company in the Science and Technology Park of Gilan Province in northern Iran have designed and manufactured the N95 mask making machine.

The homegrown machine enjoys upgraded features compared to the foreign models.

The Iranian knowledge-based company has the experience of manufacturing industrial machines for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries.

The firm has the capacity to manufacture 14 various industrial machines, particularly the packaging machinery.

One of the main homegrown devices manufactured by the company is a fully-automated blister packaging machine, which is protected by patent. Known as a knowledge-based device, the blister machine has become a source of competitive advantage for the manufacturer.

The blister machine has been also qualified by the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology.

The Iranian knowledge-based company has four patented inventions, including a pill making machine and the tablet and capsule blister packaging machine.

The enterprise has also received manufacturing permission from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, has been awarded the CE marking for its machinery, has obtained ISO 9001 certification and has also customer satisfaction certifications.

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