New Large Oil Field Discovered in Iran President Rouhani 1

New Large Oil Field Discovered in Iran: President Rouhani

The Iranian president says a large new oil field with proven reserves of 53 billion barrels of crude has been discovered in the country.
Caspian Sea Generous Source of Income for Local Fishermen

Caspian Sea Generous Source of Income for Local Fishermen

With the arrival of autumn, fishermen on the coast of Caspian Sea look out for the generosity of the sea and go through it to catch fish.

FATF Bills: In the Interest or to the Detriment of Iran?

A senior Iranian economic activist believes that the approval of the bills proposed by the Iranian government to adopt the standards set by the global anti-money laundering watchdog FATF can be very useful in the current situation.
Pomegranate Harvest-yazd

Pomegranate Harvest Season Celebrated in Iran’s Yazd

In many Zoroastrian-majority villages of Iran, including those in Roodbar, Qazvin, Gilan, Kurdistan, and Isfahan, people celebrate the arrival of autumn and its mythical fruit with festivities such as the pomegranate harvest celebration.
America and China trade

China, US Agree to Roll Back Tariffs on Each Other’s Goods

China and the US have agreed to proportionally roll back tariffs on each other’s goods in phases, a Ministry of Commerce spokesman said.

Farmers in Shahreza Start Harvesting Pomegranate

Local farmers in the town of Shahreza in Isfahan province, central Iran, have started harvesting pomegranate.
Iranian Delegate Attending China Imports Exhibit in Shanghai

Iranian Delegate Attending China Imports Exhibit in Shanghai

An international exhibition on Chinese imports has opened in Shanghai, with several Iranian representatives in attendance.

How Can Iranian Businesses Best Localize Content to Open New Global Markets?

Despite all the innovation emerging from the latest generation of Iranian entrepreneurs, growth is complicated when communicating with foreign language markets.

Iran Mass-Producing Submarine Missiles: Army Commander

Commander of Iranian Army Navy says the country launched an underwater missile for the first time last year and today it is mass-producing the technology.

Iran, Armenia Discuss Energy Trade

The Oil Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia’s Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures discussed the exchange of natural gas and electricity between the two neighbors.

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