Friday, June 21, 2024

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“Iran’s Name Should Bring Nice Concepts to Mind”

An Iranian website has, in an opinion piece, stressed the necessity of drawing up plans to make the name “Iran” bring nice and positive concepts to mind. 

Wedding Ceremony of Iranian Acid Victim Goes Viral

A young Iranian girl disfigured in an acid attack back in 2014 has gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran’s social media.

‘Queen of Iran’s Skies’ Tells Story of Her Paragliding Career

Fatemeh Eftekhari, who has become known as the “Queen of Iran’s Skies”, is the first Iranian female pilot taking part in international competitions. She has great stories to tell about her success.

Red Region Project: Carpets Show Chaos in Mideast

An Iranian photographer has launched a creative project named “The Red Region” by taking photos of Iranian carpets in the heart of Iran’s deserts and seas.

Old Bathhouse in Central Iran Turned into Anthropology Museum

The cultural heritage organization of Isfahan province has turned an old bathhouse, dating back to the 16th century, into an anthropology museum.

More Western Tourists, Less Arab Ones Visiting Iran

Official statistics show that the number of tourists from Iraq and the Persian Gulf littoral states visiting Iran has decreased in 2016 and 2017, while that of European and American visitors to the country has witnessed a remarkable growth since August 2015.

Male Persian Leopard to Return Home from Portugal for Mating

A male Persian leopard that had migrated to Portugal will be transferred back to Iran for mating, according to a zoo official in Tehran.

American Tourists Interested in Visiting Iran despite Warnings

While Trump’s administration has done its utmost to stop the American and non-American tourists from visiting Iran in the past few months, officials say the number of US visitors of Iran has not decreased at all.

Iranian Charity Supporting Thousands of Christians

Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF), an Iranian charitable organization, is providing support for thousands of Christians living in the country.

Oil Extraction in Front of Customers: New Lucrative Business in Iran

Extracting vegetable oil in front of customers has turned into a booming business in recent years in Iran as it is profitable and does not need much investment.

How Iran Standards Institute Gets Its First-Ever Female Chief

The female chief of the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) has narrated the story of how she applied for a job at the Institute and finally became the first-ever woman to head the important body.

Nature Schools; Different Environment to Nurture Students

Nature schools are a new initiative giving Iranian students the chance to get away from the restrictions of conventional schools.

Disabled Girl Acclaimed for Painting Ronaldo’s Portrait with Her Feet

A portrait of Christian Ronaldo, the superstar of Real Madrid and Portugal football teams, painted by an Iranian disabled artist has grabbed the attentions of football circles across the world.

Golden Cigarettes New Way to Show Off Wealth in Tehran

A new cigarette is being sold in the Iranian capital of Tehran, the paper of which is made from edible gold leaf. Sold for $315 a pack, these luxury products have gained huge popularity in the capital city among the rich.

Iranian Cancer Kid Fulfils Dream of Being a Groom

A seven-year-old Iranian cancer kid has achieved his dream of being a groom with the cooperation of a group of benefactors from Khuzestan province in southern Iran.

Iranian Woman Fights Addiction, Poverty to Become Entrepreneur

This is the story of a woman who sells herbs to make a living; a woman named Fariba whose past is not as colourful as the herbs she sells at the store.

Porsche Panamera Catches Fire in Tehran Highway

A Porsche vehicle has caught fire along a highway in the Iranian capital, Tehran. The fire has reportedly flared up in the engine and spread through the console wiring.

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