Saturday, July 13, 2024

Latest News and Views from Iran and the World

Iranian oil minister: Oil output raised to 3.6mn. bpd

Iran’s Oil Minister Javad Owji says the country’s outgoing administration has managed to increase crude production to 3.6 million barrels per day.

Iranian official says Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran to reopen soon

The head of the Eurasia Department of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mojtaba Damirchiloo, has said the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran, which was closed following diplomatic tensions between two neighbors last year, will reopen soon.

Syria passenger plane touches down at Saudi airport after over a decade hiatus

A passenger plane operated by Syria’s flag carrier, Syrian Airlines, has landed in the Saudi capital Riyadh – the first in more than a decade، as part of a thaw in diplomatic relations between Damascus and the Kingdom.

Iranian MP says Pezeshkian to be sworn in late July

Masoud Pezeshkian will be sworn in as the 9th president of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a ceremony in the Parliament on July 30, a lawmaker has stated.

Zelensky says Ukraine can ‘never’ get enough weapons

Virtually no quantity of arms and military equipment that the US and its allies supply to Kiev for its fight with Russia will be enough, Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky has stated.

Iran ex-FM Zarif: New cabinet opening up space for young experts

Iran’s former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who had a pivotal role in gathering momentum for the newly-elected President Massoud Pezeshkian in his electoral campaigns, says the new cabinet members will be picked from among young experts.

Saudi Arabia ‘threatened’ G7 over seizure of Russian assets

The Group of Seven “likely” abandoned the West's plan to expropriate Moscow’s frozen central bank funds due to a “veiled threat” from Riyadh, Bloomberg has reported.

UN experts warn Israel’s ‘targeted starvation campaign’ has led to famine across Gaza

After nine months of Israel's near-total blockade on humanitarian aid, ten top United Nations are warning that Israel is engaged in a "targeted starvation campaign" in the Gaza Strip.

Iran, Syria say keen on strengthening bilateral relations

Iranian President-Elected Massoud Pezeshkian spoke with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the phone on Tuesday evening to discuss an array of issues, including bilateral ties and regional developments.

Dozens killed in Israel attack on Gaza school

Israel’s military has ramped up attacks on the Gaza Strip, killing tens of Palestinians, including those sheltering at a school, in one of the deadliest days the besieged enclave has endured in recent weeks.

US, allies to dispatch 5 strategic air defense systems to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has announced that NATO allies will be providing Ukraine with a significant air defense package, in remarks kicking off the 75th anniversary celebrations of the alliance and a three-day summit focused on shoring up support for the war-torn country.

Iran sentences bandits to death, imprisonment for robbery

An Iranian court has issued verdicts on a robbery case involving three people, sentencing two of them to execution and the third to 25 years in jail.

WHO warns against dire medical crisis amid new Gaza evacuation orders

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alarm over the escalating healthcare crisis in the Gaza Strip following Israel's new evacuation orders in Gaza City.

Ex-Iranian diplomat: “We negotiated with Saddam, so we can talk to Trump too”

Kourosh Ahmadi, a former Iranian diplomat, believes that if Iran could negotiate with Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator, then it is certainly possible to engage in dialogue with Donald Trump, former US President.

Israeli soldiers allowed to shoot at Gazans ‘virtually at will’: Report

A new investigation by Israeli outlets +972 Magazine and Local Call has found that Israeli forces have been shooting at Palestinians, including civilians "virtually at will" during their military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Russia responds to Ukraine hospital attack claims

Moscow has vehemently denied responsibility for the tragedy at the Okhmatdet children’s hospital in Kiev, after a missile hit the facility on Monday. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has claimed that the incident was caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile.

Official: De-dollarization, Rial’s immunity from sanctions in Iran-Russia monetary agreement

The Deputy for International Affairs at the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) detailed the monetary agreement between Iran and Russia aimed at achieving de-dollarization, stating that this move pushes the Iranian Rial towards being unsanctionable.

President-Elect Pezeshkian: Enhancing Pakistan ties Iran’s inviolable foreign policy

Iran’s newly-elected President Massoud Pezeshkian has stressed that the country’s relations with Pakistan will continue to expand during his term in office.

Israel army admits much of Hamas tunnel network in Gaza still in ‘good functional state’

After nine months of war, much of Hamas’s tunnel network is still in a “good functional state” in many parts of the Gaza Strip, and the armed group still has the capacity and capability to organize raids close to the border with Israel and possibly even across it, Channel 12 news reports, citing "a recently written IDF assessment."

Iranian Sahand warship capsizes, sinks again

Iran’s Sahand destroyer, which had been pulled out of water with great difficulty near Bandar Abbas in southern Iran on Monday, capsized and sank again after harness cables broke on Tuesday.

China says NATO threatening global peace

NATO is a threat to global peace, security and stability because of its “deep-rooted Cold War mentality and ideological bias”, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian has stated.

Fire in Karkheh National Park in southern Iran put out

Firefighters have managed to contain the raging flames in the Karkheh National Park in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan.

Hamas says Israeli attacks not helping Gaza ceasefire talks, Netanyahu creating obstacles

Palestinian group Hamas has announced escalating Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip are not helping negotiations to end the war, saying Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is creating obstacles to the truce talks.

US says not ready to resume nuclear negotiations with Iran under Pezeshkian

The White House has announced it did not expect any change in Tehran’s behavior after the election of the relatively moderate Masoud Pezeshkian as president.

Erdoğan congratulates Pezeshkian on presidential election victory

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has congratulated Iran’s newly-elected President Masoud Pezeshkian for his election victory.