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Iran Approves Agreement for Cooperation on Fighting Organized Crimes in Caspian...

Iran’s parliament has approved the generalities of a quadrilateral agreement on fighting organized crimes in the Caspian Sea.

Iranian Filmmaker Killed, Dismembered by His Father

Iranian filmmaker Babak Khorramdin has been killed and dismembered by his father, according to the head of Tehran’s Criminal Court.

Iran Laments ‘Catastrophic, Sorrowful’ Tragedy of Kabul School  

Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan has strongly condemned the brutal crime and terrorist attack against a girls’ school in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Iran’s Cabinet Passes Bill on Preventing Violence against Women

The Iranian cabinet has ratified a bill that would protect the women’s dignity and support them against violence.

Iran Calls on UN to Help with Extradition of Financial Criminals

Iran has urged the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to help the Islamic Republic arrest the criminals who have fled Iran and return the money they have embezzled.

‘Honour’ Killing of 14-Year-Old Girl Causes Outrage in Iran

The murder of a 14-year-old Iranian girl by her father coupled with a legal provision which does not allow the father to be served with eye-for-an-eye retribution has sent shockwaves across the nation and social media in Iran.

Iran Arrests Human Trafficking Ringleader in Malaysia

The Iranian Police and the Interpol have dismantled a human trafficking network taking Iranian girls out of the country for sexual exploitation.

Domestic Violence in Iran Less Than That in Other Countries: VP...

A senior Iranian official says the extent of domestic violence against women in Iran is less severe than that of other countries.

VP Asks Iranians to Use Helpline to Report Domestic Violence

Iranian Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs has encouraged people to contact a helpline to report the cases of domestic violence or child maltreatment as people have been told to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

‘Iran Must Reinforce Its Laws on Violence against Women’

A lawyer and women’s rights activist has weighed on violence against women in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country’s laws and regulations to protect women.