Thursday, June 1, 2023

Iran Leader Urges Police to Prevent Arms Sales, Ensure Cybersecurity

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has instructed law enforcement forces to put further efforts into controlling the sale of weapons in the country, and also to ensure cyberspace security.

Speaking in a Sunday meeting with police commanders and executives in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei said a major responsibility of law enforcement forces is to prevent weapons sales.

“In some countries such as the United States, it is free to buy and sell weapons as the arms companies mafia makes profits from it, and this creates problems for the people,” said the Leader.

“But it should be stopped in our country where we don’t have such a problem and where the purchase and sales of weapons are forbidden,” he noted.

The Leader then referred to the recent murder of an Iranian cleric in Hamadan, saying online weapons sales should be stopped as well.

“The murderer of the cleric from [the Iranian province of] Hamadan has posted photos of himself with four types of rifles on Instagram, and it falls upon police to deal with such cases,” said the Leader.

A 46-year-old clergyman named Mostafa Qassemi was murdered in Hamadan province on April 27, 2019. He was gunned down by an assailant and was killed on the spot. The gunman confessed to killing the cleric on his Instagram page.

After identifying him, the police found him in the suburbs of Hamadan on Sunday morning, and shot him dead after a bloody clash, in which two others were injured.

In his Sunday remarks, the Leader also urged the Police to do more to ensure the security of the cyberspace.

“Today, the virtual space is considerably making its presence felt in people’s lives, which has advantages and merits as well as major hazards,” said the Leader.

He said cyberspace insecurity will be to the detriment of people, saying it falls upon police to ensure the security of the cyberspace.

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