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Rouhani Says ‘Smart Social Distancing’ Conforms to Iranians’ Lifestyle

Iran’s president has reiterated his call for the people to closely abide by health protocols, urging the strict enforcement of the smart social distancing plan as well.

President Hassan Rouhani said if health protocols are observed, it is possible to gradually reach “reliable conditions” to fight COVID-19.

He also said the smart social distancing plan conforms to Iranians’ lifestyle.

“What is important in the second phase of the smart social distancing programs is that this plan is in conformity with the Iranian lifestyle and the national model and, at the same time, with the principles approved by the World Health Organization,” he said in a Saturday meeting with members of the National Coronavirus Headquarters.

He then touched upon a plan under which low-risk businesses can resume work as of April 11, 2020 provided that they register their names on a specific website launched for the same purpose.

The president also urged the National Coronavirus Headquarters to closely watch the enforcement of the smart social distancing plan.

“All heads of the committees [of the National Coronavirus Headquarters] are required to make precise assessments of the enforcement of the smart social distancing plan, and study, in all provinces, hurdles and problems hindering its implementation, and act to remove them in the shortest time possible,” he added.

He called on all people as well as businesses to cooperate, as always, while the smart social distancing plan is in force.

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