Recent Elections Boost Iran’s World Reputation: Syria’s Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad says the recent presidential election held in Iran was a severe blow to the enemies of Iran and enhanced the Islamic Republic’s regional and international reputation.

In a Thursday meeting with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari in Damascus, the Syrian president asked the Iranian diplomat to extend his regards and congratulations to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on his re-election.

Assad referred to the recent presidential election held in Iran as another severe blow to the enemies of the Islamic Republic, and said, “The recent elections in Iran boosted the Islamic Republic’s reputation and respect in the region and the world.”

He also appreciated Iran’s all-out support for Syria during the crisis in the war-torn country.

For his part, Jaberi Ansari briefed President Assad on the most recent round of Syria peace talks held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Iranian diplomat, who is in Damascus for high-level talks on latest regional developments, also underlined Iran’s continued support for the restoration of peace and stability to Syria within the framework of maintaining the Arab country’s unity, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty.

Jaberi Ansari pointed to the close and continued consultations between Iran, Syria, and Russia and Turkey, the two other guarantor states in Astana Process, and stressed the necessity of increased coordination for putting an end to the Syria crisis as soon as possible.

During the meeting, the two sides conferred on Tehran-Damascus cooperation in various political and economic fields, and underlined the need for enhancing the collaborations, particularly in the economic field.

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