Friday, January 21, 2022

Rashti-Style Crochet: An Ancient Iranian Art

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Rashtidoozi is a type of traditional Iranian crochet where cloth is decorated with colourful silk thread.

Rashtidoozi, literally meaning “Rashti-style crochet”, is an old art originally practiced in the northern Iranian city of Rasht. The art has its roots in ancient history and is still alive.Rashti-Style Crochet 2

It is one of the most ancient handicrafts of the city of Rasht and has been registered on the National Intangible Heritage list. Rashti-style crochet works are mostly produced by women and used to decorate curtains, hats, clothes, tablecloth, bedspread, etc.Rashti-Style Crochet 3

Rashtidoozi products are usually decorated with fixed patterns which have been used since old times, though some more modern and creative patterns are used as well.Rashti-Style Crochet 4

There is no precise recorded history of Rashtidoozi, but some handicrafts experts believe the art has an ancient history and dates back to the Achaemenid era.Rashti-Style Crochet 5

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