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Nefar; A Symbol of Vernacular Architecture in Northern Iran

Nefar or Nepar are small wooden structures built in the paddy fields of Mazandaran villages in northern Iran.

Nefar, which is literally defined as a small two-storey wooden building according to Dehkhoda Persian dictionary, is known as a symbol of vernacular architecture of Mazandaran.

In Mazandarani dialect, Nefar means a bed with a very high base, similar to an attic, climbed by wooden stairs.

In the lower floor of the building, agricultural equipment is stored; while its upper floor is used by “Shoupeh”- the paddy’s night guard – for resting overnight.

There is a Nefar in every paddy field, located in the highest point of the land in order to provide a wide view for the guard.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of Nefar in Mazandaran fields:

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