Friday, January 28, 2022

‘More Surprises to Come’, Iran Vows after Satellite Launch

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Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council says sanctions, threats and political enticement cannot slow down the Islamic Republic's move to pursue its national interests and legal rights.

Referring to the recent launch of the IRGC’s military satellite, Ali Shamkhani said in a tweet on Thursday that “the continuous production of power and the use of up-to-date knowledge for the security and well-being of the Iranian people will continue from the hospital to the space.”

“New surprises are on the way,” Shamkhani added.

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council earlier congratulated the IRGC on launching the satellite in a tweet on Wednesday, stating the IRGC once again became a messenger of light (referring to the name of the satellite) on the anniversary of its establishment.

The Noor satellite, as the first military satellite of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was successfully launched by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) from the central desert of the country Wednesday morning.

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