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Iranians Obliged to Wear Masks as of Oct. 10

Wearing masks will be mandatory for all Iranian citizens nationwide as of Saturday, October 10, 2020, and offenders will be fined, a top healthcare official says.

Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said on Tuesday expert discussions are underway on the amount of the fine and how it should be enforced.

The official further noted a draft directive has also been drawn up to punish individuals who know they are infected with the coronavirus, yet they travel through the society.

The official then touched upon the implementation of restrictions in the capital, Tehran.

“We are concerned about people’s mixed behaviour. With the closure of schools and businesses, the number of people going on trips or going to shopping malls are not supposed to increase,” he said.

“If a lockdown is enforced, it is aimed at keeping people at home,” said the official.

He then referred to the current situation of hospitals and the trend of offering services to patients.

“At the moment, the situation in most provinces across the country are in a red alert state,” he noted.

He said nearly 4,800 COVID-19 patients are receiving in-patient treatment at hospitals.

“Of that number, 948 patients are under medical care at ICU’s,” he said.

The deputy minister said medical personnel are facing a shortage of beds, and that medical devices are worn out as they have been worked too hard.

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