Friday, January 28, 2022

Iranian Firm Develops Advanced ‘Fever Hunter’

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An Iranian knowledge-based company has manufactured an advanced thermal camera for fever screening in the coronavirus patients.

The coronavirus detection thermal camera, developed by an Iranian knowledge-based company based in the northwestern city of Orumiyeh, can detect fever from a distance of 7 metres with a margin of error of 0.2 degree Celsius.

In an interview with ISNA, CEO of the company outlined the technical features of the thermal camera, offered under trade name Fever Hunter, saying his enterprise mainly works on the electronic security equipment.

“Considering the outbreak of coronavirus, we decided to make modifications to the system of our cameras and improve their efficiency,” Morteza Hosseinieh noted.

He said the cameras of the new screening device have been equipped with a calibration sensor which is normally used in medical sciences, noting that the software and hardware of the devise have also undergone modification.

The fever screening cameras that can detect COVID-19 patients have been manufactured with the integration of a thermal and a night-vision camera, he explained.

The new thermal cameras are capable of detecting the coronavirus patients from a distance of 2 to 7 metres and can measure fever with a margin of error of 0.2 degree Celsius, Hosseinieh added.

Fever Hunter is widely applicable to shopping malls, organizations and every building with a large number of people, he noted.

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The CEO said his company is currently manufacturing 15 to 20 thermal cameras per week, saying good support and strong sales would increase the production capacity to 50 devices a week.

The homegrown fever screening cameras can successfully compete with the foreign companies in terms of quality and services, he emphasized, pointing to high customer satisfaction during the trial period.

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