Thursday, June 13, 2024

Iran President Vows to Contain Coronavirus in Shortest Time Possible

President Hassan Rouhani has reassured the people of Iran that his administration would do its utmost to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic in the country in the shortest time and with least number of casualties, saying all resources have been mobilized to protect the health of people.

Speaking at a Monday session of the cabinet of ministers, President Rouhani expressed his solidarity with all Iranians, particularly with the residents of the cities in which a number of people have died of coronavirus.

Highlighting the administration’s extensive efforts to eradicate COVID-19 from Iran, the president said, “We give an assurance that we’d do our utmost to ensure the health of people. Accordingly, we immediately set up the headquarters to prevent and combat (coronavirus) and have mobilized all of our resources.”

The president also emphasized that all administrative organizations, the Armed Forces and the public institutions will do whatever is necessary to protect public health.

“Our purpose is to control the disease in the shortest time with the minimum casualties,” he added.

The president finally noted that the Health Ministry is in charge of supervising the fight against coronavirus, stressing that the arbitrary actions by the other organizations or individuals will not be tolerated by any means.

The Iranian Health Ministry announced on Monday that the total number of Iranians definitely diagnosed with the coronavirus has risen to 61, twelve of whom have died so far.

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said the new cases of infection include 8 people in Qom, 3 in Tehran, 2 in Rasht, 1 in Hamadan, 2 in Arak, and 2 in Isfahan.

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