Monday, December 11, 2023

Iran President Says World Armies Must Fight against Coronavirus

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says the armies of the world must join hands to contront an unseen enemy named the coronavirus which has come to fight all human beings.

In a Friday message on the National Day of Army, President Rouhani said this is a worldwide war, but not between half of the world and the other half. “This tiny hidden virus is at war with the whole world.”

“Now, the whole world is our homeland, and we are confronting an enemy all over the world, and that is what makes this war more revered,” underlined Rouhani.

The Iranian president stressed the enemy was once visible and easier to confront. “Now the opponent cannot be seen, and the Iranian doctors and nurses are fighting against it and the army is supporting them.”

“The world will not forget this war. This is the most humanitarian war in history because all human beings and all armies fight for their comrades.”

Rouhani concluded that Iran’s army is not a symbol of war, but a symbol of the nation’s support and national interests. He continued that administrations come and go to serve the people, but the armies will remain forever.

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